Student Success Related Policies

  1. Policy on students who change colleges after taking their second writing course. The policy of the Compass Curriculum is that students who take two approved writing program courses, regardless of the approved course, have completed the requirements of the Compass Curriculum. In some cases there may be additional college requirements, and the Compass Curriculum will defer to the college decision in those cases regarding if another course is necessary. In that case the request to take the additional course will come from the college, not the Compass Curriculum.
  2. Double counting courses between the Explore curriculum and the major.
  3. Explore courses must be taken outside of the major. If a student takes an Explore course from a department and then changes their major to one which includes that course in the major requirements, then an additional Explore course must be taken outside of the major. Students who matriculate at UCCS before fall 2014 are not required to take the Compass Curriculum even if they change colleges in their continuous enrollment at UCCS.
  4. Students who matriculate at UCCS before fall 2014 but then stop out for up to two years (and who do not enroll at another institution of higher learning within this time) are not required to enroll in the Compass Curriculum.
  5. This policy is directed towards military students who are deployed. Students who earn a bachelor's degree or higher from UCCS before fall 2014 and thereafter begin studies on an additional bachelor's degree are exempt from the Compass Curriculum. Students who hold a bachelor's degree from another institution, but matriculate at UCCS during or after fall 2014, will be viewed as transfer students.
  6. Students who enroll at UCCS with 13 or more transferrable credit hours are considered transfer students and will be exempt from the Compass Curriculum during the 2014-2015 academic year. Minimum grade requirements for Compass Curriculum courses. The minimum passing grade that will count for credit for a Compass Curriculum course is a D-. Departmental and college rules apply for courses within a student's major.
  7. Credit for courses that are cross-listed in LAS and Navigate. Under the conditions where a student takes a cross-listed course (e.g., WEST and HUM), credit for the Navigate will be given for either course assuming that it is an approved course for Navigate in the Compass Curriculum. Appeals to the Compass Curriculum.
  8. The Compass Curriculum Appeals Committee will review student appeals under the following conditions: 1) Students are in their last semester at UCCS and have a valid reason to request waiver of a Compass Curriculum course, and 2) under conditions where there is a disagreement regarding transfer credit for a course that students are requesting replace a Compass Curriculum course.
  9. This committee is comprised of faculty members at UCCS who will hear student's appeals. The Faculty Director of the Compass Curriculum will have veto authority on all committee decisions.