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Summit Experience Courses old

Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
NURS 4400- Community Health Nursing
NURS 4290- Advanced Nursing
HSCI 4319- Clinical Laboratory Management II
HSCI 4810- Allied Health Completion Summit
HSCI 4840- Program Evaluation
HSCI 4940- Nutrition Practicum
HSCI 4950- Exercise Testing and Prescription
College of Business
BUAD 4500- Cases and Concepts in Business Policy
College of Education
IECE 4050- Inclusive Early Childhood Seminar
SPED 4031- Elementary/Secondary Student Teaching
TED 4630- Elementary- Student Teaching
TED 4730- Secondary- Student Teaching
UTED 4730- Apprentice Teaching (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math)
College of Engineering
CS 4100- Compiler Design I
ECE 4890- Senior Seminar
ECE 4899- Senior Design Project
MAE 4511- Engineering Design II
ENTP 4500- Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 1020- Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH- 4980 Senior Seminar in Anthropology
BIOL- 4010 Seminar in Biology
CHEM 4911- Chemistry Summit
CHEM 4921- Biochemistry of Human Health and Development
College of Education
IELM 4630- Elementary Student Teaching
COMM 4000- Rhetorical Dimensions in Communication
COMM 4240- Advanced Organization Communication
COMM 4270- Digital Film Production
COMM 4350- Critical Analysis of Popular Culture
COMM 4800- Strategic Communication Tactics and Campaigns
COMM 4950- Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Change
ENGL 2050- Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 4090- PTW Senior Portfolio Practicum
ENGL 4300- Studies in American Literature and Culture
ENGL 4310- Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 4400 - Genre Studies
ENGL 4410- Topics in Contemporary Poetry Studies
ENGL 4700- Seminar in Literary Theory
ENGL 4880- Topics in Public Rhetorics
ENGL 4950- Seminar in Literary Topics
ENGL 4970- Seminar in Shakespeare Studies
ENGL 4973 - Shakespeare and Sustainability
ENGL 4980- Senior Seminar
ECON 4990-Senior Seminar
GES 4460- Field Studies in Geography
GES 4900- Geographic Summit
GES 4970- Honors in Geography
GES 4990- Senior Thesis
HIST 4990- Senior Thesis Seminar: Approaches to the Study of History
ID 4200- Undergraduate Research Academic Capstone
Languages and Cultures
SPAN 4970- Senior Seminar Spanish
MATH 4040- Senior Math Seminar
PHIL 4950- Senior Seminar and Thesis
PES 4810- Senior Physics Seminar
Political Science
PSC 4020- The American Congress
PSC 4210- International Politics
PSC 4470- Constitutional Law
PSY 3660- Service-Learning Internship
PSY 4130- Seminar in Learning and Cognition
PSY 4270- Seminar in Biopsychology
PSY 4280-Seminar in Abnormal Psychology
PSY 4400-Senior Seminar in Social Psychology
PSY 4510- Seminar in History of Psychology
PSY 4620- Seminar in Developmental Psychology
SOC 4170- Advanced Statistics and Methods
SOC 4180- Community Organization and Analysis
SOC 4310- Class, Stratification and Power
SOC 4380- Globalization and Development
SOC 4400- Social Movements
SOC 4530- Advanced Privilege Studies/ WEST 4530
SOC 4580- Sociology of Disasters
SOC 4780- Global Migrations
SOC 4980- Capstone Preparatory
SOC 4990- The Sociology Capstone
AH 4980- Senior Seminar in Art History
FILM 4980- Capstone
MUS 4980- Music Capstone: Senior Thesis
THTR 4393- Theatre Practicum: Capstone
THTR 4980- Theatre Capstone: Advanced Theatre Production
VA 4980- Professional Seminar
WEST 4530- Advanced Privilege Studies/ SOC 4530
WEST 4950- Capstone Senior Seminar
School of Public Affairs
CJ 4121- Ethics in Criminal Justice