Writing Intensive old

Writing Intensive Courses (WIC) old

Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
NURS 2200- Fundamentals of Nursing Practice
NURS 4290- Medical/Surgical Capstone
HSCI 4010- Health Science Research
HSCI 4209- Clinical Immunology and Molecular Diagnostics
HSCI 4319- Clinical Laboratory Management II
HSCI 4670- Health Assessment
HSCI 4930- Medical Nutrition Therapy I
HSCI 4950- Exercise Testing and Prescription
HSCI 4960- Medical Nutrition Therapy II
HSCI 4590- Concepts of Health and Disease
HSCI 4810- Allied Health Completion Capstone
College of Business
BUAD 3000- Integrated Skills for Management
INTB 3600 - International Business
College of Education
IECE 4050- Inclusive Early Childhood Seminar
IELM 4630- Elementary Student Teaching
TED 4400- Children's Literature
UTED- 4720 Reading in the Content Area
College of Engineering
ECE 3610- Engineering Probability and Statistics
ENGR 3040- Engineering Ethics
GDD 2150-Fundamental Game Design Concepts
MAE 3040-Engineering Ethics
MAE 3130- Fluid Mechanics
MAE 4310- Heat Transfer
INOV 2010- Innovation Team: Analyze and Report
INOV 3010- Innovation Team: Research and Execute
INOV 4010- Innovation Team: Design and Lead
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 3310- Human Reproduction
ANTH 3430 - Anthropological approaches to Globalization
BIOL 3240- Perspectives on Biological Sustainability
BIOL 4790- Laboratory Methods in Human Physiology
BIOL 3750- Conservation Ecology
CHEM 1331- General Chemistry Majors II
CHEM 2001- Practical Scientific Writing
CHEM 4011- Instrumental Analysis
COMM 3240- Business and Professional Communication
COMM 4350- Critical Analysis of Popular Culture
ECON 2310- The Economics of Sustainability
ENGL 1800- Fundamentals of Creative Writing: Multiple Genres
ENGL 2030- Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 2040- Introduction to Creative Writing: Nonfiction Prose
ENGL 2050- Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 2115 - Grammar for Non-Majors
ENGL 2600- Literature: The Global Perspective
ENGL 2820- Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing
ENGL 2920- Exploring English Studies: Sustainability
ENGL 2930- Exploring English Studies: Inclusiveness
ENGL 2970- Shakespeare Beginnings
ENGL 3000- Critical Theory: Foundations and Practice
ENGL 3010- Advanced Rhetoric and Writing
ENGL 3080- Advanced Business and Technical Writing
ENGL 3120- Technical Editing and Style
ENGL 3160- Tools for Technical Writers
ENGL 3170- Riverrun Literary and Arts Journal
ENGL 3910- Topics in Literature
ENGL 4300- Studies in American Literature and Culture
ENGL 4860- Special Topics in Rhetoric and Writing
ENGL 4880- Topics in Public Rhetorics
ENGL 4950- Seminar in Literary Topics
ENGL 4970- Seminar in Shakespeare Studies
ENG 4973 - Shakespeare and Sustainability
Environmental Sciences
ENSC 4090- Image Processing/ GES 4090
Gateway Program Seminar
GPS 4090- Peer Mentors
GES 3820- Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
GES 3980 - Places and Faces: Geographic Issues in Film
GES 4090- Image Processing/ ENSC 4090
GES 4560- Cultural and Political Ecology
HIST 1400- Latin America to 1810
HIST 1410- Latin America Since 1810
HIST 1600- Making of the Modern Middle East I
HIST 3000- Special Topics: French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST 3001- The Historian's Craft: Introduction to the Discipline of History
HIST 3160- History of Ancient Egypt
HIST 3200 - Crusades
HIST 3220- Genocide: The Case of Nazis and Jews
HIST 3480- Ideas, Identities, and Indiscretions: Transformations in Early Modern Europe (1400-1800 c.e.)
HIST 3550- Religion and American Culture: 1500-2000
HIST 3560- Modern Mexico
HIST 3570- City of Latin America
HIST 3580 - 3580 Immigrant Histories
HIST 3590- Latin American History through Film
HIST 3700- Colonial America, 1607-1763
HIST 3710- Good Wives and Nasty Wrenches
HIST 3720- From Slavery to Freedom: Slavery & the African American Experience in Colonial & Antebellum Amer
HIST 3750- Orphans, Paupers, and Other Vagabonds: Poor Relief in the US. 1607-1930
HIST 3760- Bombs, Bullets, and Brotherhood: History of American Labor
HIST 3770- "A Strange Quiet": Epidemics in U.S. History 1607-1920
HIST 4050- From Harem to the War Zone /WEST 4040
HIST 4110- Early Medieval Europe
HIST 4130- Baghdad to Burgos: Jews, Christians, & Muslims in the Medieval Mediterranean World (600-1500 c.e)
HIST 4150- Astrolabes, Arms, & Azulejos (Tiles): Medieval Science, Technology, & Material Culture (600-1500 c.e.)
HIST 4160- A Crossroads of Civilizations: Medieval Spain and North Africa (600-1500 c.e.)
HIST 4280- Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: The Trans-Atlantic Empires of Spain and Portugal (1450 - 1750)
HIST 4530- Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-1877
HIST 4580- The American West
HIST 4690- Colorado History
HIST 4750- Modern Japan
HIST 4770- Vietnam Wars
HIST 4780- History of Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 4800- Theory and Methods in History
HIST 4803- Research Seminar: American West
HIST 4830- Research Seminar: Depression and War, 1929-1945
HIST 4850- Research Seminar: Historical Genealogy
HIST 4880- Research Seminar: Civil Rights in American History
HIST 4990- Senior Thesis Seminar: Approaches to the Study of History
HUM 3990- Special Topics in the Humanities
HUM 3993- Special Topics in the Humanities/Sustainability
HUM 3995- Special Topics in the Humanities/Inclusiveness
HUM 3997- Special Topics in the Humanities/Sustainability and Inclusiveness
NAVI 3903 - Signature Navigate: Energy
PHIL 1000- Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1020- Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 1300- Introduction to Philosophies of Asia
PHIL 3000- Cosmology and Culture
PHIL 3050 - Cyborgs and Monsters
PHIL 3070- Religion and Popular Culture
PHIL 3100- World Religions
PHIL 3130- Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 3160- Philosophical Issues in Death and Dying
PHIL 3180- Practical Ethics
PHIL 3190- Ethics
PHIL 3200- Politics and the Law
PHIL 3210- Capitalism: a Love Affair
PHIL 3600- Philosophy of Religion
Political Science
PSC 4230- The United States in World Politics
PSC 4470- Constitutional Law
PSC 4480- Civil Rights and Liberties
PSY 2110- Introduction to Psychological Research and Measurements
PSY 3630- Sex Crimes against Children/ CJ 3630
PSY 3660- Service Learning Internship in Psychology
SOC 3070- Introduction to Social Research /CJ 3100
SOC 4530 - Advanced Privilege Studies
AH 1500- Art and Ideas: Michelangelo to Basquiat
AH 3240- The Art of Greece and Rome
AH 3250- Women, Visual Arts, and Culture
AH 3860- Contemporary Art
AH 4980- Senior Seminar in Art History
VAPA 1500- Arts Innovations: Methods and Practices
WEST 3580- Immigrant Histories
WEST 3710- Good Wives and Nasty Wenches: American Women's History, 1607-1877
WEST 3990- Readings in Multiethnic Literature
WEST 4050- From the Harem to the War Zone: Women Writers Encountering the Orient and Occident/HIST 4050
WEST 4530- Advanced Privilege Studies
School of Public Affairs
CJ 3100- Criminal Justice Research Methods/ SOC 2120
CJ 3250- Violence in Society
CJ 3630- Sex Crimes against Children/PSY 3630
CJ 3990- Art, Graffiti and Crime