Sustainability old

Sustainability Courses old

Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
NURS 2080- Health Promotion
HSCI 3950-Food Systems Management I
HSCI 4090- Food, Culture, Community, and Health
BI Program
ENTP 1000- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
College of Education
IELM 2000- Integrated Science for Teachers
College of Business
BUAD 4000- Business, Government, Law, and Society
College of Engineering
MAE 3302-Engineering Thermodynamics II
MAE 3320- Biomass Energy Systems
MAE 4302- Sustainable Energy Systems
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 1020- Intro to Archaeology
ANTH 1040- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3430- Anthropological Approaches to Globalization
ANTH 4270- Landscape Archaeology, Sustainability and Collapse
BIOL 3240 - Perspectives on Biological Sustainability
BIOL 3700- General Ecology
BIOL 3750- Conservation Ecology
CHEM 1101- Chemistry in the Modern World
CHEM 1111- Environmental Science
CHEM 1201- Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 1211- Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 4521 Environmental Chemistry
ECON 2310- The Economics of Sustainability
ECON 3280- International Political Economy / PSC 4280
ECON 3310- Ecological Economics
ECON 3610- Work and Pay
ECON 3770- Economic Development
ENGL 2920 - Exploring English Studies: Sustainability
ENGL 3421- Nature’s Nation: Sustainability and American Literature
ENGL 3423- American Eco-Gothic: Literature, Film. Theory
ENGL 4973 - Shakespeare and Sustainability
GEOL 3700- Environmental Geology
GES 1000-Enviromental Systems: Climate and Vegetation
GES 1500 - Introduction to Environmental Studies and Sustainability
GES 3070 - Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
GES 3170- Saving Place
GES 3180- Changing Place
GES 3250- Geography of Climate Change
GES 3980- P laces and Faces: Geographic Issues in Film
GES 4090- Image Processing (cross Listed with ENSC 4090)
GES 4170- Writing Place
GES 4340- Soils
GES 4420- Conservation and US Public Lands
GES 4500- Water Resources and Water Problems
GES 4560- Cultural and Political Ecology
GES 4570- Militarization, Environment, and Society
GES 4610- Urban Geography
GES 4650- Restoration Geographies
GES 4750-Recreation, Tourism, and the Environment
GES 4800- Sustainability Seminar
GES 4920- Geography of Food
HIST 3580- 3580 Immigrant Histories
HIST 3700- Colonial America, 1607-1763
HIST 3710- Good Wives and Nasty Wenches, American Women's History 1607-1877
HIST 3750- Orphans, Paupers, and Other Vagabonds: Poor Relief in the US. 1607-1930
HUM 3993 - Special Topics in the Humanities/Inclusiveness
HUM 3995 - Special Topics in the Humanities/Inclusiveness
HUM 3997- Special Topics in the Humanities/Sustainability and Inclusiveness
ID 4200- Petition Document
NAVI 3903 - Signature Navigate: Energy
PHIL 3210- Capitalism: A Love Affair
PHIL 4140- Philosophy, Globalization, and Sustainability
Physics and Energy Science
PES/ENSC 1600- Introductory Solar Energy
PES/ENSC 1620- Solar Energy Lab
Political Science
PSC 1010- Introduction to Global Politics
PSC 3420 - Political Theory
PSC 4280- International Political Economy /ECON 3280
PSC 4290- International Environmental Politics
PSY 3900- Geography Summit
SOC 3340- Food, Health, and Inequality
SOC 4250- Sociology of the Environment
SOC 4380- Globalization and Development /WEST 4380
SOC 4530- Advanced Privilege Studies/ WEST 4530
SOC 4580- Sociology of Disasters
SOC 4660- Sociology of Medicine
WEST 3580- Immigrant Histories (cross listed with HIST 3580)
WEST 3620- Media and Consumption
WEST 3760 - Social Justice & Sustainability: Living Mindfully
WEST 4050- From Harem to the War Zone/HIST 4050
WEST 4120- Indigenous Views on Sustainability: All My Relations
WEST 4380- Globalization and Development /SOC 4380
WEST 4530- Advanced Privilege Studies/ SOC 4530
School of Public Affairs
CJ 2050- Introduction to Human Security
CJ 3530- Management of Offenders
CJ 3630- Sex Crimes against Children