Compass Curriculum

Course Types

Gateway Program Seminar (GPS)
Introduces students to UCCS, the Compass goals, academic skill preparation, and oral communication, a key skill that employers value.
Explore Courses
Expose students to a breadth of disciplinary perspectives that shape decision-making. Students take one course focused on the Physical and Natural World, one on the Arts and Humanities, and one on Cultures, Society, Social and Economic Institutions, Health and Human Behavior. Students are encouraged to take courses from all colleges, including professional schools, which will count toward their overall GE program. Courses integrate High Impact Practices such as Writing Intensive, Inclusiveness, and common learning experiences (such as general chemistry for science majors).
Navigate Courses
Taken in the third year, focus on the concept of "Knowledge in Action"; students learn and apply knowledge from a range of disciplines. These interdisciplinary courses are offered from across the campus and connect colleges, departments, and academic disciplines in new ways, with a goal of applying academic knowledge to real world endeavors. Courses may include team-taught courses, service learning, internships, and collaborative, common-learning experiences.
Inclusiveness (Global/Diversity) Courses
Focus on preparing students for a society with diverse experiences, perspectives and realities, both in the US and, ideally, globally. May also focus on the dynamics and consequences of inclusion and exclusion. This course may be integrated into an Explore course or other courses that fulfill requirements in the students' major.
Sustainability Courses
Enable students to cultivate self-awareness and understanding of their impact on economic, social, or environmental sustainability at the local, national, and international levels. Courses aim to promote an understanding of sustainability as a set of conditions that enable humans to live compatibly with the environment to allow social and economic needs of present and future generations to be met. This course may be integrated into an Explore course or other courses that fulfill requirements in the student's major.
Writing-Intensive Courses
Incoming freshman will take one lower division and one upper division course focused around using writing for critical thinking and the concept of writing as a process. Students write, on average, twelve pages throughout the semester with peer review, revisions, and feedback on their writing. Ideally this course is in the major, however, this course could be integrated into an Explore course.
Summit Experience Course
or experience taken in the senior year in the major and designed to apply and integrate knowledge in the major. Encourages communication skill development employers would like our graduates to have.

Program Overview


GPS 1010