Writing Portfolio

Currently, all UCCS undergraduates are required to submit a Writing Portfolio when they have earned between 60-90 credit hours. Students submit two papers, four or more pages each, from any course (besides ENGL 1310/1410 or their equivalents.) Group authored papers, lab reports, proposals, and other forms of student writing are acceptable portfolio submissions. Papers are scored as highly competent, competent, low pass, or needs work by faculty with expertise in writing instruction. Students who opt not to submit a writing portfolio, as well as those who do not pass the writing portfolio, are required to take ENGL 3010 Rhetoric & Writing I or TCID 3080 Advanced Professional & Technical Writing.

The purpose of the writing portfolio is to assess individual students' writing competency and to provide aggregated data about student writing performance for the purposes of assessment and accreditation. Faculty across disciplines score writing portfolios using a standardized rubric, which provides a different type of evaluation compared to the grades students earn on their writing assignments in courses.