Compass Curriculum Course Credit Request Petition

This form is primarily for transfer students. Students who transferred to UCCS can use this form to request a Compass Curriculum credit for a course that they took at another institution. Explore courses must be demonstrated to be equivalent to a UCCS course that is approved into the Compass Curriculum. Courses that would be included into Inclusiveness, Sustainability or Writing Intensive categories must be demonstrated to include the following:

Inclusiveness flagged courses

  • Articulate origins, influences, and impacts of inclusion and exclusion within societies.

Sustainability flagged courses

  • Explain sustainable practices and impacts relative to the interaction between human development and the natural world. 

Writing Intensive 

  • Approach writing as a process.
  • Revise your written work based on feedback.
  • Assigned writing (around 12 pages) of around 3000 words
  • Writing is a major portion of the course grade

Requests made by UCCS students for a course taken at UCCS to count are unlikely to be approved. In this case students should ask for the course to be submitted to the Compass Curriculum by the  department. If the course is approved by the Compass Curriculum Committee then the student will receive credit for the course.

The Compass Director is the ultimate authority for exceptions to requirements and policies for this campus-wide education program. The Director has formed a faculty committee to addresses students’ petitions for course credit. The committee will review your written request and make a recommendation to the Director for a decision on your appeal. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE COMPLETE AND SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY BEFORE YOUR PETITION WILL BE REVIEWED.

INSTRUCTIONS: This form must be filled out and submitted electronically for review to by the second Wednesday of the month. Incomplete petitions will not be reviewed, and will be returned to the student. All submitted materials must have your name and student id listed in the email or filename. You must use your UCCS email address to submit materials to us. Request Petitions will not be accepted without a letter of explanation. In the case where a course substitution is requested, a course syllabus, is required.

Appeals submitted in December will be reviewed at the beginning of the spring semester. Appeals submitted in May will be reviewed at the beginning of the summer semester. You will be notified by the end of the month of submission of the status of your petition. If you have any questions, consult an Academic Advisor for your college in Main Hall, 2nd Floor, (719) 255-3260. Keep a copy of your petition for your records.

Student Information

Request for course substitution area

Letter of Explanation

Petitions without an explanation will not be reviewed by the committee.


Name(s) of the course for substitution GES 105

Environmental Sustainability

Please discuss the portion of the course that focuses on the Compass area that you are requesting it be substituted for.

This course described the interaction between humans and the earth including the economic impact of globalization. The course focused on what we can do to improve the earth’s environment and how we have affected it. The course had four examples, two papers, and a talk presented by students about an environmental topic of their choice.

Please copy and paste a course description (often from the website of your former college) that highlights the required aspects from this course . Or you can attach a course syllabus.

Concepts, foundations, and metrics of global environmental sustainability applied to global challenges. The course focuses on the interaction of people and the earth, its economic systems, as well as how sustainability affects underrepresented people.