Christopher Bell, Ph.D.

 Christopher Bell, Ph.D.

Christopher Bell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
ACAD 517


Dr. Christopher Bell is the Director of Graduate Studies and an Associate Professor of Media Studies. He specializes in the study of popular culture, focusing on the ways in which race, class and gender intersect in different forms of children's media. Dr. Bell is a TED speaker, a diversity and inclusiveness consultant for Pixar Animation Studios, a 2017 David Letterman Award winning media scholar, and the 2017 Denver Comic Con Popular Culture Educator of the Year. Recognized nationally for his expertise in the area of children's culture, he serves as the chair of the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association's Harry Potter Studies division. He teaches both theory and methodology courses in critical analysis of popular culture, rhetorical theory, representation theory and mass media. In what little spare time is left over, Dr. Bell is an author of the children’s books Do Not Open the Door! and Do Not Look Under the Rug!, travels with his wife and daughter, and plays a pretty mean ukulele.


  • Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder (Media Studies)
  • M.A., San Diego State University (Television, Film, and New Media Production)
  • B.A., University of Northern Colorado (Social Science Education)


Dr. Bell was the 2017 Pop Culture Classroom/Denver Comic Con Popular Culture Educator of the Year, a 2017 David Letterman Award scholar, and the 2015 recipient of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusiveness.