Undergraduate Students



B.A. in Communication

A Bachelor of Arts in Communication requires 36 credit hours in Communication courses with 18 of those credits being upper division. There are five track options including General Communication, Organizational & Strategic Communication, Leadership Communication, Media Studies, and Digital Filmmaking & Media Arts.

B.A. in Communication Tracks

The communication major at UCCS studies many types of communication (oral, family, non-verbal, professional, intercultural, etc.). It explores the best way to adjust to make sure that the message is received and understood. There are five communication options offered at UCCS: General Communication, Leadership Communication, Organizational & Strategic Communication, Media Studies, and Digital Filmmaking and Media Arts.

Undergraduate Degree Options

Communication degree options for current students (Advising Guides: 2017-2018, 2016-2017, 2015-2016, and 2014-2015).


To qualify for departmental honors in communication, students must have a GPA of 3.75 in their communication coursework and an overall GPA of 3.5 at UCCS. Students who qualify for departmental honors will be contacted by the Department of Communication after they complete their senior audit. Those who choose to take the honors examination will then be eligible to graduate with departmental honors and to be nominated as the UCCS LAS Outstanding Undergraduate Student.

Independent Study Guidelines

Independent Study (COMM 9400/9500) allows students an opportunity to explore educational opportunities outside the traditional classroom environment. It is NOT available as a substitute for core course requirements. Students may enroll for an independent study only after permission has been obtained from a professor and the appropriate application form has been completed.

Senior Exit Exam

All graduating seniors must take the Senior Exit Exam appropriate for their track. You should meet with your Advisor (for your Senior Audit), to ensure you have fulfilled all other graduation requirements.

B.I. in Digital Filmmaking

The Bachelor of Innovation™ in Communication – Digital Filmmaking provides students with both the technical background and skills of a classical Bachelor of Arts in Communication plus the team skills to work on innovative projects.

Online B.A. Degree

The Communication department offers an online Bachelor's Degree in Communication. This degree is designed to provide a well-rounded overview of the field of communication and includes multiple electives to customize the program to your specific interests.

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