Department of Communication

Department of Communication

Communication is a very exciting and growing area of study. Everyone needs to know how to communicate effectively.

Message from the Chair

David Nelson

Whatever you decide to do with your life, you will need to know how to communicate. Communication is a fundamental part of life. Human beings communicate orally, in writing, through body language, across cultures, telling stories, using digital media, using social media, as well as many other ways.

Because the field of communication is so broad, we offer a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in five different areas of study that we call tracks. These tracks are taught by specialists in each of the different areas of study. All of the Communication Faculty have studied, done research, produced film, or have worked professionally in their field. Internships are also available in several of the communication tracks.

These different tracks allow you study general Communication, Organizational Communication, Strategic Communication, Leadership Communication, Media Studies, Digital Filmmaking & Media Arts, Sports Communication.

Graduates of the Communication Dept. at UCCS have done a wide variety of things with their degrees. Here are just a few: High School Teacher, Sports Announcer, Actor, Marketing Communication Manager, Anchorperson, Digital Film Editor, Lawyer, Journalist, Documentary Film Producer, Human Resources Manager, Script Writer, Reporter, Media Critic, Public Information Officer, Minister, Media Buyer, Public Relations Officer, Film Maker, and even College Professor

The Communication Department has also developed a Bachelor of Innovation Degree in Digital Filmmaking.

Communication is a very exciting and growing area of study. Everyone needs to know how to communicate effectively. Please take a look at our website and contact us if you have any questions.

David Nelson

Chair, Department of Communication

Informational Videos

  1. Digital Film and Media Arts

    David NelsonLearn about the Digital Film and Media Arts track with David Nelson, M.F.A

  2. Media Studies

    K. Maja KrakowiakLearn about the Media Studies Track with K. Maja Krakowiak, Ph.D.

  3. Professional Communication

    Lauren BrengarthLearn about the Organizational, Strategic & Leadership Communication track options with Lauren Bacon Brengarth, Ph.D.

  4. Graduate Program

    Sherry MorrealeLearn about the Master of Arts in Communication program with Sherry Morreale, Ph.D.

  5. Advisement

    Laura EurichLearn about Advising with Laura Eurich, M.A.

Student Projects

  1. The Intergenerational Radio Storytelling Project
  2. The Bluffs Season 1: Episode 1
  3. The Bluffs Season 2: Episode 1
  4. The Art of Filmmaking: Commercial Production Course

    The Art of FilmmakingVideo