Colorado Geographic Alliance

  GPS Units

GPS Units available for checkoutThanks to GIS Colorado, COGA has had GPS units available for educators to check out.  However, with the completion of funding from the National Geographic Society, those GPS units are now being housed at the UCCS Center for STEM Education.  Contact staff for details about borrowing these tools to enhance geospatial awareness and curriculum.

Past Events with COGA's GPS Units

St. Vrain Valley SchoolsGPS Units Give New Meaning to Middle School Students in Saint Vrain Valley Schools - With a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, students can determine where they are anywhere on the planet.  Saint Vrain social studies teachers district-wide used handheld GPS units supplied by the Colorado Geographic Alliance to use the geospatial technology as they practiced 21st century skills and explored the Roman Empire.  Read the article here.

Cache In, Trash OutApril 2014 - Sandy Holcomb, Park Ranger at Highlands Ranch Park in the Denver Metro Area made great use of COGA's GPS Borrowing program during the "Cache In - Trash Out" Event. The caches placed were small tree trunk sections, hollowed out and with a unique swiveling lid. The event drew a crowd - including local scouts, who learned to use the GPS units and helped clean up trash at the same time! The day ended with this park truck filled to capacity with litter that participants cleaned up. Great job and great idea!