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Geo-Inquiry Summer Institute, June 2018

The Colorado Geographic Alliance will be conducting a week-long Geo-Inquiry Institute from Sunday, June 10 through Friday, June 15, 2018 at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs. The Geo-Inquiry process is designed to build on student questions that reflect their interest in local community issues. Teachers (grades 6 to 8) must sign up in pairs - one teacher must be a middle school science or social studies teacher and the other must be a technology teacher or specialist.

For more details see the attached flyer. If you are interesting in participating in this program, please submit an interest form here.  For more information about the Geo-Inquiry project, visit National Geographic's website.


Teaching Geography using Primary Sources

April 20 and 21, 2018, Aspen Country Day School

Join Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) at Metropolitan State University Denver and the Colorado Geographic Alliance (COGA) to learn strategies for integrating geographic primary sources from the Library of Congress into your classroom.  This free workshop will be aligned for the middle school social studies classroom, but will be relevant for anyone with interest in geography and primary source based instruction.  This workshop offers an opportunity to apply an inquiry-based learning model by using Library of Congress primary sources through the lens of geographic thinking.  With the Library's collection of over 60 million digitized resources, students and educators gain access to the raw materials of U.S. society and cultural history.  Crossing multiple disciplines, these sources inspire curiosity, prompt interesting questions, and support informed research decisions-creating an atmosphere that promotes critical thinking and understanding. Adding the geographic perspective to the analysis of these primary sources gives new meaning and depth to these valuable resources.

Register at:

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 30th, 2018.

Questions: Contact Adam Hancock:  College credit is available through the University of Colorado Colorado Springs for a fee.

Wanted: Elementary Teachers to Review Interactive Mapping Activities about Colorado
Request from Dr. Phil Klein and Dr. David Diggs

Does your social studies curriculum include a study of Colorado's history and geography? We are looking for between four and ten upper elementary or middle-school teachers to serve as consultants, reviewing student activities and updating teacher-support materials for the project entitled Colorado's Geography: Mapping Our Past (MapCO).

Colorado's Geography: Mapping Our Past is a set of online activities for elementary- and middle-grades students to explore Colorado's historical geography. The project includes standards-based social studies content and geographic information science (GIS) mapping technology. Originally developed in 2004, the mapping activities have recently been upgraded, using software that also allows for these maps to be used to give students practice with math skills. Activities cover Colorado's regions and physical environment, as well as its historical changes in population, transportation, and economic resources.  Currently, there are 16 individual activities in the project, which collectively include over 70 different map layers on these topics.   We hope to hire between 4 and 8 teacher-consultants, each of whom will be expected to review and enhance between 2 and 4 activities. For each activity, teacher-consultants will review the existing activities, rewrite where needed, create new questions using grade-level appropriate math skills with the maps, link these activities to other web resources about Colorado, and identify the activity's appropriate social studies standards.   Teacher-consultants will be paid $400 per activity completed. Our aim is to have finalized materials by March 31, 2018.

We are especially interested in teachers who have some familiarity with internet mapping technologies, have taught units on Colorado history and/or geography, or are interested in creating STEM-based activities for social studies. Our vision is that the activities will be useful as supplementary, technology-based instructional materials that provide introductions, overviews, and  insights into Colorado's historical geography.  Each activity should require the use of one class period (or less).

To express interest in participating in this, please contact:

Dr. Phil Klein Dept. of Geography and GIS University of Northern Colorado

Dr. David Diggs Dept. of Geography and GIS University of Northern Colorado

To explore the Mapping Colorado's Past (MapCO) Project:

1. Go to This is the home page of UNC's William E. Hewit Institute for History and Social Science Education. Scroll to bottom of page (K-12 Teacher Resources) for a link to Colorado's Geography: Mapping Our Past.

2. Before going to MapCO website, download and read the "Getting Started with MapCO" document.