Bachelor of Innovation in Inclusive Early Childhood Education

This innovative program is an exciting unique degree program designed to prepare UCCS students to teach all children in diverse early childhood settings. UCCS students in this program will become a part of a newly emerging field of professionals in inclusive early childhood education who are called on to innovate in the area of curriculum development, individual learning supports, and technology. The UCCS BI in Inclusive Early Childhood Education is fully state approved to qualify graduates for the Colorado Department of Education/Department of Human Services Child Care Center Director Qualification, in addition to ECE teaching license and ECSE teaching endorsement!

Bachelor of Arts in Inclusive Elementary Education

New Bachelor of Arts in Inclusive Elementary Education. Join us at UCCS, and become a teacher for all children with a Bachelor of Arts in Inclusive Elementary Education! This multi-credential teacher education program prepares teachers to utilize universal design, technology, and innovative methods to support the success of all students.

MA in Curriculum and Instruction

The College of Education prepares skilled professionals who inspire excellence and create transformative change in the schools and communities in which they serve by enhancing scholarship, achievement, and service through collaborative partnerships, promoting and modeling innovative, ethical, and research - based practices and, embracing inclusion and social justice.

MA Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy

The Curriculum and Instruction Department recently received approval for the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy. The program revision will encompass emphasis in both reading and writing. The program will include core foundation courses that are college-wide offerings and courses that are specific graduate-level in literacy. In addition, we plan to offer a "tiered" program in which MA students could continue, if desired, their coursework and receive Reading Teacher and Reading Specialist endorsements from the state.

MA Teaching English to Speakers Of Other Languages

The MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL) program is designed especially for monolingual English speaking teachers, paraprofessionals and pre-service teachers who have English Language Learners (ELLs) in their classrooms, and want to know how to better serve those students. Educators working with individual, small groups or whole classes of ELLs will benefit from this program. Teachers who have a teaching license from the Colorado Department of Education may use this opportunity to seek a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL). The MA degree is 30 semester hours or 10 courses. The first eight courses (24 semester hours) are applicable to the Culturally Linguistically Diverse Endorsement (CLDE) through the Colorado Department of Education. The last two courses are the research classes that complete the MA in TESOL.

MA in Science Education

The program in Science Education is designed primarily for teachers who wish to improve their science teaching skills or become leaders in the field of science education. It is appropriate for teachers at all levels (K-12) who wish to learn more about applying contemporary science teaching strategies in their schools.

MSc in Science Teaching

The Master of Sciences is an interdepartmental degree involving the College of Education and other colleges on the campus. The Science Teaching Option is designed for teachers aspiring to pursue a degree with greater emphasis on science content and less emphasis on pedagogy. The Science Teaching Option includes Science Education courses as well as science, mathematics, and selected other content courses. The program is designed to provide classroom teachers with a strong background in science content balanced with knowledge of contemporary science teaching practice, and the sound application of research.

Special Education Program

The UCCS Special Education Program centers on innovative and inclusive education. The program promotes high expectations to ensure that all children are welcomed into the general education classroom. Our coursework is based on principles of universal design, focusing on how all students can have access to an academic education in the general education classroom. Students at UCCS are taught to focus on student strengths and to consider the many ways children and adolescents learn and make sense of content. Our licensure and degree options combine on-campus and field-based learning experiences to provide opportunities for making connections between readings and classroom experiences, and to critically evaluate support services with current research. The Special Education Program invites you to read more about our licensure and degree options on the website and to contact specific faculty to discuss your interests.