Teacher Education Licensure Program Undergrad

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Undergraduate Content Requirements

In the State of Colorado, at the undergraduate level, one must earn a content major along with fulfilling licensure requirements. UCCS students may choose one of the following:


Elementary Secondary
Biology *Biology
English (pre-licensure) *Chemistry
Geography English (pre-licensure)
History History
Spanish *Math
  Spanish (K-12 certification)

*Note: Secondary Science and Math majors meet licensure requirements through the UCCSTeach Program.

Other Requirements

Complete all core classes with a B- or better

    • Complete CURR 4800/5800: Schools, Society, & Diversity
      (required and recommend taking first)
    • Complete T ED 3010: Early Diverse School Experience
      (required and recommend taking first)
    • Complete T ED 4520/5520:Educational Psychology (required)
    • Complete SPED 3001/5001:Introduction to Special Education (required)
    • Complete T ED 4800/5800:ESL for Educators
      (Note: this course not required for undergrads, but highly recommended)
    • Complete MATH 3010 and MATH 3020 with a B- or better
      (required for elementary only)


Financial Aid Priority filing date is March 1

Schedule an admissions and information interview with a faculty member in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for the Teacher Education Licensure Program. The goal of this appointment is to answer questions you have about the program, clarify the procedures for admission to the program, and to determine your level of interest in and preparation for the program. Call 719-255-4996 or  email education@uccs.edu to set up the appointment.

Once the admissions process has been completed, you should expect to receive an emailed letter of welcome from
the Director of Teacher Education Licensure Programs highlighting further application requirements.

Admissions Criteria

To be eligible for admission to TELP, students should have:

    • Selected an appropriate major for content and level
    • Attended an advising session with the College of Education Advisor (Bill Bannister or Ruth Sansing) and complete a Preparation Plan listing course work still needed to complete the undergraduate degree content and prerequisite courses. Included in this plan is a timeline of dates and a list of the Teacher Education core courses still needing to be completed.
    • Earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
    • Completed or currently enrolled in CURR 4800/5800 and T ED 3010
      (including a background check with the Colorado Department of Education)

Application Timeline

Rolling admission
To secure a place for a summer start for the Professional Year,
you should complete the application process by February 1.

Application Process

The TELP Professional Year consists entirely of teacher licensure courses. All other content requirements should be completed prior to the summer.
The Professional Year begins with an orientation the last Wednesday and Thursday in May and ends the following May.

Application Criteria

Please review the application checklist below:

      • A Career Goals Statement (describe motivation, interest, and personal qualities)
      • Interview with College of Education Faculty Interview Panel
      • Complete listing of classroom experience with children or youth
      • Three letters of recommendation
      • Completed or enrolled in core classes
      • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better
      • Receipt for $50.00 application fee paid to the Bursar’s Office
      • Submit application packet to COE Student Resource Office, Columbine Hall Room 3010 no later than February 1 to begin the Professional Year at the end of May.
      • Schedule a Senior Audit appointment with the Student Success Center no later than the summer of the Professional Year for graduation (Undergraduate only) 719-255-3069
      • In addition to the above materials that will be submitted with your online application, please email/mail proof of your background check or proof of licensure to the Student Resource Office education@uccs.edu.  Instructions for completing your background check are:  
      • Go the website: https://www.cbirecordscheck.com/Index.aspx
        • Click on Individuals
        • $6.85 is the cost to receive the results
        • Print a copy of the background check and turn it in with your admissions materials. (Current CO school or agency employees who completed a background check for employment may provide a copy of their CO license or a copy of the results of the background check for employment).
      • Have one official transcript of all academic work ever completed to date, sent from the institution you attended directly (electronically or by postal services) to:
        UCCS-Office of Admissions and Records
        1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
        Colorado Springs CO 80918

>>Click here for the TELP application


Early Admission Process

The TELP program offers an early admissions process that will make successful candidates eligible for early admission before the end of the fall semester. The early admissions process allows a small number of students to be interviewed and admitted in the fall, prior to the spring admissions. This provides an opportunity to secure your space in our next cohort that begins in May. The early admission will occur annually near the end of the fall semester. Below are some important dates: Early Admission window runs October 1-November 1 The Student Resource Office will send all inquiries/applicants an email confirming the date and time and location for your interview.

Early Admission Application Deadlines

November 1 (Early application deadline for spring semester available every fall)

February 1 (Regular Admission for annual cohort)

Early Admission Application Criteria

Please review the application checklist below:


All TELP students must take the appropriate content exam by June of their Professional Year. The PRAXIS is now an admission requirement for the professional year as of October 1, 2016. The applicant must have passed one of the below exams based on the content area licensure they are pursuing.

PRAXIS exams accepted by the Colorado Department of Education as of September 1, 2016:

  • Secondary Spanish exam # 5195 
  • Secondary English exam # 5038
  • Secondary Social Studies exam # 5081
  • Elementary exam #5001; all four sub tests must be passed (Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science)

Per State of Colorado law, the content area exam must be passed prior to student teaching. Registration information and materials are available in the Student Resource Office 719-255-4996 education@uccs.edu

Teacher Education Licensure Program Course Requirements

Elementary Strand (43 - 46 credits)

Core Classes (12 - 15 Credits)

Elementary Core Recommended Sequence/Timeline
CURR 4800/5800 –3
School, Society, & Diversity
Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring
T ED 3010*-3
Early Diverse School Experience
CURR 4800/5800 prior to or concurrently/Before applying to TELP*
T ED 4520/5520 -3  Educational Psychology
Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring
T ED 4800/5800 -3
ESL for Educators
(Note:not required for undergrads but highly recommended)
Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring
SPED 3001/5001 -3
Intro to Special Education
Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring

Summer (6 Credits)

T ED 4620 - Elementary Reading Methods-3
T ED 4580 - Elementary Curriculum Instruction & Classroom Management-3

Fall (13 Credits)

T ED 4600 -3 School Experience - Elementary
T ED 4570 -4 Elementary Literacy Methods
T ED 4640 -3  Elementary Mathematics Methods
T ED 4650 -2 Elementary Science Methods
T ED 4660 -1 Elementary Social Studies Methods

Spring (12 Credits)

T ED 4630 -12 Student Teaching - Elementary

Secondary Strand (42 - 45 credits)

Core (12 - 15 credits)

Secondary Core Recommended Sequence/Timeline
CURR 4800/5800-3
School, Society, & Diversity/Summer, Fall, Spring
T ED 3010*-3
Early Diverse School Experience/Before applying to TELP*

T ED 4800/5800-3
ESL for Educators
(required for post-baccalaureates only)
Prerequisite:Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring

SPED 3001/5001-3
Introduction to Special Education
Prerequisite:Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring

T ED 4520/5520 -3 Educational Psychology
Prerequisite:Prior to professional year/Summer, Fall, Spring

Summer (6 credits)

T ED 4720 -3 Reading & Writing in the Content Area
T ED 4710 -3 Methods for Secondary Classroom Management

Fall (12 credits)

T ED 4700 -3 School Experience - Secondary
T ED 4740 -3 Methods for Secondary Differentiation
T ED 4790 -3 Secondary Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation
T ED 4910 (English), 4940(Social Studies),OR 4950-3 (Spanish) -
Secondary Content Methods

Spring (12 credits)

T ED 4730 -12 Student Teaching - Secondary