Teacher Education and Licensure Program

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Teacher Education & License Program (TELP) includes a one-year intensive, full-time program that leads to recommendation for license from the State of Colorado. Undergraduate students seeking a baccalaureate degree select a major from the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LAS) and fulfill the requirements for both the BA and license. Candidates who have already earned a baccalaureate degree will apply for the license only option with the opportunity to apply nine credits toward the MA in Curriculum & Instruction (M.A. in C & I). The undergraduate and post baccalaureate programs have their own complete admission processes beyond the admission requirements of the University. The admission processes, deadlines, fees, and other criteria are described below.

TELP leads to an initial license in the State of Colorado. Both the undergraduate and postbac students have the option to take three of the four core classes (listed...add sped) at the grad level and apply them to an MA in C & I within a five year period. Undergrads, however, cannot use those credits toward their BA degree and their MA degree.

There are two separate strands of license for both undergraduates and post-bac students: elementary and secondary. The course requirements for the two strands differ and are listed below under Courses.

Central Features of TELP

    • Integration of education courses with professional field experiences
    • Over 1000 hours of supervised and mentored field experiences
    • Focus on embracing diversity and social justice throughout coursework and experiences
    • Preparation of teacher candidates with evidence-based pedagogy and best practices through carefully designed methods courses
    • Cohort model situated in professional development schools (PDSs) with support from clinical teachers (mentor teachers), site coordinators (building liaisons), and site professors (university supervisors)
    • Set sequence of courses from May to May, commonly known as the Professional Year

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Undergraduate Program (TELP)

Post-baccalaureate Program (TELP)