Adaptive Leadership Certificate



Complete the program in 9 months

Open to all students 

This program is designed to be a flexible education pathway for military service-members and civilians in the Pikes Peak region.

For service-members, this program complements Professional Military Education (PME) by delving into critical thinking and leader fundamentals. Completing the course sequence will provide relevant professional knowledge necessary for advancement and will contribute to greater opportunities for promotion. Additional outcomes include building credits towards a BA degree at UCCS and employment potential in the civilian sector.

The certificate is comprised of four courses (12 credits total), delivered in a hybrid format, with cohorts of student learning together in sequence. Students will learn inside and outside the classroom with hands-on experiential learning. Classes begin in October, 2019. 

Reasons to complete the Certificate

  1. Advance your military career or become successful in higher education and the civilian sector – UCCS will prepare you for both.
  2. Take advantage of our Military Credit Transfer policy
  3. Earn your Certificate while on Active Duty – your BA and MA once you separate (Pathway)
  4. Online flexibility with targeted physical campus support for military members
  5. Promotion points earned with credential completion (i.e., E-5 to E-6 promotion would result in approximately $5000 per year raise)
  6. Education and skills that will improve soldier board hearings
  7. Learn from experts from all sectors with the very best preparation for eventual separation.

What you will gain

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop individual awareness of self, others in network, and context to advance individual and team mission
  • Demonstrate attitudes, knowledge and skills related to social and cultural sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and wellness
  • Demonstrate effective crisis intervention skills including psychological first aid, de-escalation, and conflict mediation
  • Understand and demonstrate ethical leadership practices
  • Engage with and foster curiosity and lifelong learning as central to leadership
  • Build confidence as a learner and generate self-efficacy for continuing education


Professional outcomes

  • Be able to solve complex human development challenges and create action plans through exposure to case studies, hands-on learning, and connection to local civilian leaders
  • Build skills for providing performance and developmental feedback to subordinates
  • Transfer credits earned, along with additional credits, towards degree programs at UCCS  including; BA in Human Services, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, BA in Management
  • Demonstrate understanding of group dynamics, stages of group development, roles and responsibilities associated with leading groups/teams
  • Earn promotion points required for advancement in the military
  • Earn skills for immediate employment in social services, management positions, or working in faith based organizations

Program Expectations and Delivery

  • Hybrid delivery, with cohorts meeting at the on-post Education Center, UCCS main campus, UCCS Downtown and online
  • Courses will utilize Canvas online platform, but will have experiential learning (field based learning, guest presenters, leadership shadowing) to enhance the program
  • Four 3-credit hour courses taught in sequence with one course at a time
  • Each course is 8 weeks in duration, with the certificate completed in one academic year (9 months)

For more information please contact the UCCS Fort Carson Education Office at 719-526-8066 or at or send an email to Dr. Phillip Morris at For location information for the UCCS Fort Carson office, visit

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Course Number & Title Semester Credits Pre-requisites
LEAD 1200    Foundations of Adaptive Leadership 3 none
LEAD 1600    Leading Teams and Organizations 3 LEAD 1200
LEAD 1800    Ethical and Multicultural Leadership 3 LEAD 1600
COUN 2100   Wellness, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence 3 LEAD 1800