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Test Preparation

Comps prep service if you are interested.

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Do the counselor licensure exams intimidate you?

Are you unsure of how best to prepare?

As a counselor educator and private practitioner who has taken and passed both the National Counseling Examination and National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination within the past 10 years, I understand how graduate study and clinical experience are not necessarily relevant for passing these exams. I have helped students, new graduates, and seasoned professionals to pass the NCE and NCMHCE since 2011. My tutoring approach at the time of writing has a 100% pass rate, and a 90% first-time pass rate.

My Approach

My approach is to provide detailed guidance on effective approaches to passing the exam. During tutoring sessions, we discuss the secrets of how the test is scored, and review individual question items in-depth. During our sessions, you will learn essential tips and tricks for passing the exam, such as:

- You can almost always eliminate two of the four NCE answer choices, giving you a 50% chance of selecting the correct answer

- The NCMHCE subtracts points for curiosity; test takers should stop indicating answer choices after they have selected the options they are most confident in.

Meeting Information

Not only are my test prep services effective, they are convenient. I provide individual and group tutoring via an online web meeting platform.

My group tutoring rate is $199 for a four-week class (6 hours of total tutoring). This is more than 50% cheaper than the well-known corporate test prep companies. A discounted rate is available for graduate students.

Date and Time

I am providing NCE and NCMHCE group test preparation courses on Fridays and Saturdays during August/September 2019. Each class is capped at 100 participants. The information for this specific meeting is included below.

What's the refund policy?

Refunds will be processed 24 hours before the first training session date. Attendance and participation in my test preparation is not a guarantee of passing the exam. Refunds will not be issued based on your exam performance.

NCE study resources:

Encyclopedia of Counseling, by Howard Rosenthal. It has a purple and white cover and can be found on Amazon. There are CD's and a book. The book is great for quizzing yourself on the CACREP standards, the CD's are "thoroughly enjoyable" to listen to during your commute.

Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination, by Andrew Helwig. You can find it here: https://www.counselorprep.com/about-dr-andrew-helwig/. The book has been a great resource, we have not used the CD's.

Study.com has a free practice exam that has been helpful. Both of us are too cheap to pay for an account beyond the 30-day trial.

NBCC/NCE Pocket prep is a great app to use on the go. There are questions of the day and exams. The answers come with explanations and Michelle is considering buying the extended version. We'll give you an update if that actually happens.


Praxis 5421:

Praxis II Professional School Counselor Exam (5421): Secrets Study Guide, Your Key to Exam Success. It is written by Momentrix Test Preparation, and is available on Amazon. It has a yellow and black cover.

This study guide has been very helpful with studying for the Praxis, https://www.ets.org/s/praxis/pdf/5421.pdf