Mentor Expectations

Mentor Expectations


Mentor Expectations

Becoming a Campus Connections mentor is a unique and challenging opportunity, but it is also a commitment. Mentors should understand their responsibilities and be fully committed to Campus Connections in order for the program to be a success for both UCCS students and community youth.

Campus Connections Mentors Are Expected To:

  • Attend Campus Connections every week throughout the semester. This includes being on time and staying the entire time from pre-lab to post-lab. See the Mentor Nightly Schedule for more information.
  • Uphold core values and ethics of the Campus Connections Program
  • Have an open and respectful attitude toward diverse viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences, including those that may be different from their own
  • Be active and engaged with youth and provide support and encouragement

Priority Deadline: 4/17/2020 by 5pm

Final Deadline: 5/16/2020 by 5pm

Email application materials to

If you would like to apply while the campus is on remote/distance learning, you may do the following:

  1. Watch this Information Session on YouTube
  2. Fill out the Mentor Application now a fillable PDF!
  3. Save and send it to Molly via email OR scan it by downloading a free app on your phone called Genius Scan
  4. Email it to Molly at by May 16th or earlier!


Mentor Application Fillable PDF or Mentor Application Word Doc