Professional Development

College of Education Professional Development

Faculty members of the College of Education come to the university from rich and diverse backgrounds. They have personal experience working with students from pre-kindergarten to adult education. Their real-world experience ultimately helps UCCS students become effective teachers, school administrators and counselors. We welcome opportunities to work with you and your school district!

Faculty with the College of Education can assist you in your professional development by teaching skills and knowledge to help you for both personal development and career advancement. Our professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from formal coursework, conferences and informal learning opportunities sited in practice. We offer a variety of approaches to professional development, including consultation, coaching, community outreach, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision.

Name and Department Professional Development Counseling
David Fenell portrait
David Fenell, Ph.D.
Military families and concerns
Julaine Field portrait
Julaine Field. Ph.D.
Leann Morgan portrait
Leann Morgan, Ph.D.
Career counseling with students of poverty
K-12 career development
Collaboration among school professionals
Introducing a brief problem-solving model
School counselor supervision and mentoring
Group counseling in K-12 schools

"I have experience in providing continuing education opportunities
K-12 school districts, school counseling programs and have consulting
experiences as well."
Jim Saunders portrait
Jim Saunders, Ed.D.
Substance use among adolescents
Physical effects of drug use
Substance use and abuse in society

"My area of expertise is in substance use (not from personal experience),
I would be willing to work with anyone who wants to learn more about the subject."
Rhonda Williams portrait
Rhonda Williams, Ph.D.
Adolescent programs for girls/boys
Body image
School counseling
Parenting issues
Experimental education (ropes course)
Social and Cultural


Name and Department Professional Development Curriculum and Instruction
Angela Bell portrait
Angela Bell, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Best practices for english language learners;
Administrators role in supporting ESL/Mainstream teacher collaboration ESL policy
How to increase ESL's achievement
Linda Button portrait
Linda Button, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Handwriting Instruction
Using teacher candidates to support student achievement
Greg Button portrait
Greg Button, Ed.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
K-12 Seminar Education
Curriculum studio, budget and suspension
Tim Callahan portrait
Tim Callahan, M.A.
Curriculum and Instruction
Classroom management
Early teacher mentoring (elementary)
Elementary principal and leadership
Beth Cutter portrait
Beth Cutter, M.A.
Curriculum and Instruction
Reading/Writing in the content areas
Jason DaLee portrait
Jason DaLee
Senior Instructor/Master Teacher
Curriculum and Instruction
Inquiry instruction
Math and Science evaluations
Colorado READ Act: Instruction for Struggling Students in the 5 Essential Areas
Colorado READ Act: Parental Resources
Colorado READ Act: Progress Monitoring Made Easy
Stephanie Dewing portrait
Stephanie Dewing, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Strategies for working with English Language learners
Spanish for educators

"I would be happy to provide condensed Spanish Language instruction
for teachers who work with kids or that speak spanish."
Barbara Frye portrait
Barbara Frye, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Reading at elementary levels
Writing instructing in elementary school
Children's literature (current and related to specific content areas)
Literature around Culturally Responsive Teaching
Bobby Gagnon portrait
Bobby Gagnon
Senior Instructor/Master Teacher
Curriculum and Instruction
Inquiry methods
Project based instruction
Space Science
Leslie Grant portrait
Leslie Grant, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
English as a Second Language
Culturally Responsive teaching
Sheltered Instruction Research Protocol
Sarah Kaka portrait
Sarah Kaka, M.A.
Curriculum and Instruction
Using technology to teach social studies
Social studies assessments
Social studies methods
Instructional strategies for secondary schools
Pat McGuire portrait
Pat McGuire, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood Education Math/Science
Educational Technology K-12
Class Model K-12
Monica Yoo portrait
Monica Yoo, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction
Secondary Literacy and new teacher mentorship


Name and Department Professional Development Leadership
Corinne Harmon portrait
Corinne Harmon, Ph.D.
Leadership, Research and Foundations
Group facilitation toward common goals
Previously stated material (see bio)
Sylvia Mendez portrait
Sylvia Mendez, Ph.D.
Leadership, Research and Foundations
Latino Parents and students building relationships
So what is college?
Dallas Strawn portrait
Dallas Strawn, Ph.D.
Leadership, Research and Foundations
Superintendent school board relations
Conflict management
Stress management
Myers-Brigg personality type


Name and Department Professional Development Special Education
Elaine Cheesman portrait
Elaine Cheesman, Ph.D.
Special Education
Colorado READ Act, student evaluations
Colorado READ Act: Instruction for struggling students in the 5 essential areas
Colorado READ Act: Parental Resources
Colorado READ Act: Hands-on Learning
Diverse Learners
Effective Mentoring

Christi Kasa portrait
Christi Kasa, Ph.D.
Special Education

Inclusive schooling access to academics for students with significant disabilities
Access to meaningful communication
Christi is currently conducting a qualitative research project funded by the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services titled: The Early Childhood Literate Community: Supporting Citizenship for Young Children with Significant Disabilities

Laura Marshall portrait
Laura Marshall, M.A.
Special Education
Training workshops and presentations on self-determination and transition
Assist teachers in establishing transition programs for students with high and low incidence disabilities
Coordinates the Teacher Cadet UCCS Alliance. The purpose of the project is to encourage outstanding students to enter and complete the undergraduate teacher education and special education programs at UCCS and to return to area schools to teach.
Emily Nusbaum portrait
Emily Nusbaum, Ph.D.
Special Education
Standards-based access and instruction for all
Standards-based IEP development
Presumption of confidence
Reframing education practices
Documents from a competency base