Required Courses

COMM. 2440 - Foundations of Leadership

Through the analytical and intellectual examination of core issues in the practice of leadership, this course provides students with an understanding of the fundamentals of leadership. Self-assessment and experiential activities will guide students through a personal exploration of their leadership and communication traits and style.

COMM. 3440 - Organizational Leadership

An examination of contemporary theory and practice pertaining to leadership communication in organizations, including consideration of the nature of transformational leadership characteristics. Approved for LAS Social Science area requirement.

COMM. 4950 - Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Change

A dynamic and practical project-based course focusing on contemporary leadership approaches and the demands the current environment of change and innovation place on organizational leadership.

LEAD 4500 - Student Leadership Seminar (Optional)

For scholars who want credit for Wednesday night seminar. Offers opportunities for undergraduate students to discuss problems of practice in leadership, plan and implement service projects, and coordinate student leadership development activities. CLC Students only. Please note this course is required for CLC, but you have the option to take it for course credit or not. You can use this class for 1 credit per semester for up to three semesters.

Please Note: CLC Scholars only need to take two additional courses to complete the leadership minor. We highly recommend it! Click here to visit the Leadership Studies Minor webpage for more information.