The Chancellor's Leadership Class (CLC) is a four-year undergraduate leadership development program at UCCS initiated in 1997. The program is designed to engage scholars with the members of the Colorado Springs community to nourish positive community impact through leadership and training. We strive to empower students to become leaders by facilitating opportunities for self-reflection, service learning, and professional development. Scholars also prepare and develop  to be advocates for their personal passion and purpose in life. 


The goal of CLC is to help our Scholars realize their potential and become confident in their approach to life and commitment to community. The program focuses on accelerated development in the following areas:
     1) Leadership studies 
     2) Applied leadership experience
     3) Community service
     4) Professional development
     5) Mentoring


To develop engaged and ethical world-changing leaders


Through comprehensive training, development, and experience, we seek to inspire and equip UCCS students with leadership character and skills to become impactful leaders on campus and in the community.



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