Meral Sarper

Meral Sarper

Meral Sarper

Mechanical Engineer, Vehicle Track Interaction Group - The Transportation Technology Center Inc.

Favorite Quote

Negativity in any form cannot exist in an energy field of Love and Gratitude." -Albert Einstein

Favorite CLC Memory

My favorite memories were the many fashion shows at retreats and being the silly actor in them, making everyone crack up. One of the best things I learned to amplify about myself in CLC was learning to take out the seriousness from leadership and try on laughter and gratitude instead ! 

Advice for Scholars

LOVE YOURSELF, FIRST ! If that is all the advice I could give, that is all I would say , " Love yourself, first."

To expand on that, it means to always recognize where your intentions are coming from. Simply take out the things that are from a place of ego/scarcity/impressing and amplify the things that aid in your self love/appreciation and add authenticity to the world .You are whole perfect, and complete. Interact as a leader with others from that perspective, love yourself and people will feel whole around you and see how they can honor themselves! Imagine a world where we view this life as an opportunity, a game, a blessing, not as a burden or stressful venture.  



Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Minors: Leadership Studies and Sustainable Development