Katie Schimpf

Katie Schimpf

Katie Schimpf

Adjunct Professor - Pikes Peak Community College

Favorite CLC Memory:

My favorite memory by far is always the bonfire at the retreat my first year in the program! It was such a great feeling to be unconditionally accepted by a group of people I had known for maybe 48 hours. I always smile when I remember that moment and it was a blessing to share it with such a special group of people. I had never experienced such an overwhelming feeling before!

Advice for CLC Scholars:

Try not to bite off more than you can chew! It is SO easy to get excited about the immense amount of clubs and activities to participate in on campus, and it is just as easy to forget about your academic commitments as well as commitments to CLC. Explore all of the opportunities you can, but keep a healthy balance and don't forget about time management. Most importantly, don't forget to have FUN!



Major: Strength and Conditioning

Minor: Leadership Studies