Hannah Hofrreiter

Hannah Hofrreiter

Hannah Hofrreiter

Registered Nurse, Cardiovascular Unit- Penrose Hospital

Favorite CLC Memory

My favorite memory of CLC is the bonfire at my first retreat.  I loved how this experience made me feel part of the CLC family.  My favorite part of CLC is the relationships you build with all of the scholars, donors, and board members. 

Advice for CLC Scholars

I would recommend that all scholars take as many opportunities as you can through CLC. I learned so much through being a Student Director, attending the CLA Summit, and participating in volunteer events that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience.  CLC is a gift very few students have the opportunity to participate in and I feel that CLC was a huge part of my personal and professional development throughout my college experience.  



Major: Bachelor's of Science in Nursing

Minor: Leadership Studies