Brooke Gaber

Brooke Gaber

Brooke Gaber

Registered Nurse - Penrose Hospital

Favorite CLC Memory

My favorite CLC memory was during the fall retreat of my first year as a scholar. I was blindfolded and led to a campfire by my CLC mentor, along with other first-year scholars, and when I took off the blindfold the entire CLC class was standing on a stage clapping, celebrating the welcoming of new scholars to the program. That sense of belonging and recognition was so significant to me, it brought tears to my eyes and I will always remember such a meaningful start to the program.

Advice for CLC Scholars

My advice to other scholars is to take advantage of the opportunities this program offers. Whether it be making new contacts, trying different volunteer options, or making time to get to know other scholars in the program, you will walk away with something special that you did not necessarily have when you first entered the program.



Major: Nursing

Minor: Leadership Studies