Haley Fernandez

Haley Fernandez

Haley Fernandez

Registered Nurse & Special Surgical Services - University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Favorite CLC Memory

My favorite memory in CLC was during my freshman year when ten of us went on a weekend trip with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado past Grand Junction on the Western most side of Colorado. After a long day of trail building when all the old folks went to sleep we decided to go for a walk and low and behold, we walked all the way to Utah (which ended up being about 2 miles away)! To this day I have a special bond with those other 9 scholars and we still love to joke about how we walked to Utah.

Advice for CLC Scholars

Change is difficult, but it's a good thing and it challenges us in unique ways. One of the best lessons I've learned during my time in CLC is to accept that change is going to happen and how you respond to it reflects your character and helps you to grow and learn.



Major: Nursing