Ben Jourdan

Ben Jourdan

Ben Jourdan

Program Director - El Pomar Foundation

Favorite CLC Memory

Volunteering in Las Animas, CO for Santa Fe Trail Days and staying in a house, literally, 100 yards from a prison. Another good one was watching Jacqueline Bell (fellow CLCer) win the CLA Student Leader of the Year in 2010.

Advice for CLC Scholars

Don't let the little stresses of life get you down, especially those that come with the high expectations placed upon you. All of you are supermen and superwomen. That is why you got accepted into the program. But, it is ok to take off your cape sometimes and relax.

Additional Information

CLC is a great program and it changed my life immensely. I cannot say enough good things about this program and how well it prepares the next generation of leaders. I am currently living in South Africa. 



Majors: International Business and Finance