Jacqueline (Bell) Haney

Jacqueline Haney (Bell)

Jacqueline (Bell) Haney

Executive Team Lead of Asset Projection - Target

Favorite CLC Memory

When I was preparing my speech for the 2012 student leader of the year ceremony. I was intimidated and nervous to stand in front of 1000 of my closest strangers. Each of my CLC peers practiced with me, read and edited my speech, and provided invaluable feedback. We learned a lot about each other along the way. I remember feeling accepted, valued, appreciated, and humbled to be among such inspiring leaders. Even now, those peers remain in my foundation that all others are compared to.

Advice for CLC Scholars

Demonstrate courage and make mistakes now. Learn to fail now while you are surrounded by individuals that will challenge and develop you. They will teach you to process ambiguity and from that you will surpass your own limitations.



Major: Psychology

Minor: Leadership Studies