Grant Matthews

Grant Matthews

Grant Matthews

Volunteer Coordinatoor - Collier County Museum System

Favorite CLC Memory

It's very tough to zero in on one individual memory from my four years in CLC, what with all the myriad opportunities and wonderful experiences I had. I would have to say that my tenure as Student Director of Program Operations within the CLC Office for two years was my greatest accomplishment and fondest memory as far as making an impact is concerned. Making tough decisions, helping to run the program, organizing volunteers, managing the budget, and being directly involved in all of the ins and outs that make up a successful non-profit has paid it's dividends to me and has make me a much better person. Seeing how CLC works from the inside out gives one a much better idea of how wonderful the program is and how much important work our scholars do in their community and on campus.

Advice for CLC Scholars

Get involved in as many service projects and take advantage of as many opportunities you can. CLC offers scholars a chance to enhance their lives and the lives of so many people around you. By getting involved in a number of different areas, one can make a broader impact, and also find their own passion in life. Also, becoming a mentor to a younger scholar is paramount in my opinion. "Go into the world and do well; but more importantly, go into the world and do good" -Minor Myers Jr.



Majors: History and Communication

Minor: Leadership Studies