Snow Day Update for April 6, 2017

Your assessment assignments are still due 8 a.m. Thursday.

Everyone should come to class on Thursday April 6.

For those of you planned to take exam 2 on Tuesday, come to class at the regular time on Thursday. You will take the exam Thursday in the classroom.

For those who chose another assessment option, come to class with your completed assignments. We will work on a classroom assignment while students take the exam.

Please bring a textbook to class with you if you have one!

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GES 1980 Final Exam: 
Hints to assist in answering question #2 on Exam 3:
The online Population Reference Bureau provides data that might assist you in answering question #2.
As you compare data with the map, keep in mind that data from different sources and years vary a little. Don't expect all data to match exactly; rather look for general trends that match.  
Also, although this is an actual map of a specific human geography feature based on 2014 data, other features could result in very similar maps.
You need not correctly identify the exact feature that the map portrays to receive full credit for your answer. Just be sure to explain/defend thoroughly your conclusion.  
As you are making your determination and discussing your conclusions, consider countries about which you know something and those that appear to be anomalies. What countries are highest and lowest? How does the United States compare to other industrialized nations? 


(.pdf documents - adapted from Pulsipher Website)
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