Departmental Honors

Chemistry StudentOpportunity is provided for qualified chemistry and biochemistry majors to participate in the Departmental Honors Program and graduate with distinction, high distinction, or highest distinction. Students interested in this program should contact the department chair during their junior year. To be eligible, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a chemistry or biochemistry major with a major grade point average of at least 3.4.
  • Complete upper division research in chemistry or biochemistry. At least two semesters of Chemistry Research: Upper Division (CHEM 4904) or Internship (CHEM 4905) with a single advisor and completion of Chemistry Capstone (CHEM 4911) or Biochemistry Capstone (CHEM 4921) satisfy this requirement.
  • Submit a written Senior Thesis and make an oral presentation based on this research (normally as part of CHEM 4911 or 4921). The written report will be due ten days before the presentation. One copy is to be submitted to your advisor and one copy to the department chair.
  • Graduation with distinction is awarded to students with a major grade point average of 3.4, high distinction with 3.6, and highest distinction with 3.8.