Teaching and Research Labs

Teaching & Research Labs

Teaching and Research Labs

In addition to the skills students gain in their laboratory courses, chemistry and biochemistry majors—B.S. majors in particular—should consider electing CHEM 2904 Research: Lower Division, CHEM 4904 Research: Upper Division, or CHEM 4905: Internship at least once during their academic career. Research provides a different kind of experience than traditional laboratory courses. Students must do sufficient planning to carry out experiments, and regular communication with their research supervisor is a necessary component of the research experience.

Accomplished students will be invited to present posters and research talks. Some presentations may be at local meetings such as our Mountain Lion Research Day or the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF, a collaboration between UCCS, the Colorado College, and the U.S. Air Force Academy), and some may be at national American Chemical Society meetings. Students may also be recommended as participants in sponsored summer programs at other universities.

See photos of our labs below (L-R: general chemistry teaching lab, organic chemistry teaching lab, analytical chemistry research lab).


A collage of different chemistry laboratories and equipment