Office of the Chancellor

Strategic Goals

This page includes the 12 overall strategic goals. These goals were formulated based on comments submitted by members of campus at the October 20, 2011 Strategic Planning 2020 Conference. Within each document, you will find comments critiquing each goal submitted by members of campus.

Goal 1

Foster academic programs that serve diverse communities and develop intellectually curious and globally, culturally competent graduates.

Goal 2

Provide excellence in leadership and execution of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Goal 3

UCCS will actively seek responsible enrollment growth that enhances both the achievement of our mission and values and our financial viability.

Goal 4

Cultivate a vibrant, healthy and engaged campus community that unites students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university to support the educational goals of the institution.

Goal 5

Build a diverse and inclusive UCCS educational community to advance learning and scholarship for a changing world.

Goal 6

Build mutually beneficial economic, cultural, civic and system-wide collaborations to enhance UCCS and advance UCCS and the southern Colorado region.

Goal 7

Grow and diversify revenue through the expansion of business enterprise, investment in research and innovation, intentional stewardship and philanthropy, and responsible management of revenues and expenses.

Goal 8

Cultivate an environment that sustains and extends quality research, scholarship, and creative work.

Goal 9

Provide an infrastructure of enhanced technologies, collaborative learning spaces, and effective facilities.

Goal 10

Develop the global, cultural competencies of the UCCS community while substantially increasing the number of international students and scholars on campus.

Goal 11

Grow and diversify communication and marketing programs to help the University achieve premiere status.

Goal 12

Provide a transformative educational experience that engages students both in and out of the classroom.


Anything Else Comments from 2/8/12 Strategic Planning Forum