Dr. Jeffrey Montez de Oca, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Montez de Oca

Dr. Jeffrey Montez de Oca, Ph.D.

(Director), Associate Professor, UCCS Sociology


Jeffrey Montez de Oca (Director), Associate Professor, UCCS Sociology, researches sport, media, and political economy with particular interest in U.S. football. His current research analyzes marketing strategies of the National Football Leagues. Dr. Montez de Oca is currently the Secretary of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport and previously served on the editorial board of Sociology of Sport Journal. At UCCS, he is co-chair of the Faculty Minority Affairs Committee and chair of the 2016 UCCS Diversity Summit steering committee amongst other college and university level committee work.

Recent Publications

  • Montez de Oca, J, Meyer, B, and Scholes, J. (2016). “The Children Are Our Future: The NFL, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Production of ‘Avid Fans’.” In Michael A. Messner and Michela Musto, eds. Child's Play: Sport in Kids' Worlds. Rutgers University Press, 167-203.
  • Montez de Oca, J, Meyer, B, and Scholes, J. (2016). “Reaching the Kids: How the NFL Markets to Youth.” Submitted to Popular Communication special issue on the National Football League and Neoliberal Culture, ed. Thomas Oates. 14(1): 3-11.
  • Montez de Oca, J. (2013). Discipline & Indulgence: College Football, Media, and the American Way of Life During the Cold War. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University