Center for Cognitive Archaeology

The Center for Cognitive Archaeology (CCA)

Provides both undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to study the evolutionary development of cognition in humans and other primates. The CCA offers 12 different online courses, which are taught by professors from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and by experts from all over the world. Upon successful completion of any four courses, the University of Colorado will award an official Certificate of Cognitive Archaeology at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Courses offered for the Fall 2017 Semester (August-December).

Fred Coolidge & Thomas Wynn

Neandertal Cognition

ANTH 4355/5355:
Dr. Karenleigh A. Overmann

Karenleigh A. Overmann

Cognitive Evolution

ANTH 4310/5310:
Dr. Karenleigh A. Overmann

Manuel Martin-Loeches book Neurocognition of Art

Neurocognition of Art

ANTH 4105/5105:
Prof. Manuel Martin-Loeches

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