All courses fall within the accreditation of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS), an institution of higher learning fully accredited through the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission. Additional information on the accreditation status of UCCS may be found here: // As such, credits for courses offered by the UCCS Center for Cognitive Archaeology may be transferred to other institutions.

Transferring undergraduate credits

Gaining institutions evaluate credits earned by students (as documented on transcripts issued by UCCS) and make acceptance decisions according to their governing policies on such matters. Most undergraduate programs in the United States accept transfer credits from accredited universities such as UCCS, and UCCS credits should be accepted at their full value of 3 credit hours per course.

Transferring graduate credits

While many institutions do not accept transfer credits at the graduate level, the certificate in cognitive archaeology is an academic credential. Graduate students earning the certificate from UCCS may list the certificate as an academic achievement on their curriculum vitae. In addition, satisfactory completion of either courses or the certificate may be taken into consideration by gaining institutions evaluating applicants to programs of higher education.

Ordering transcripts

Students are responsible for requesting transcripts be sent to gaining institutions, including the payment of associated fees. Directions for ordering UCCS transcripts may be found here: // Please allow sufficient time for processing in order to ensure receipt at a gaining institution by a required deadline.

Transferring credits internationally

Students desiring to transfer UCCS credits to an international institution are advised to contact their institution's Administration and Record (or similar) department to obtain guidance on any additional information (beyond the transcript) that may be required to facilitate evaluation of transfer credits. Additional information may include such things as course descriptions and syllabi; catalog information such as semester length, grading key and policies, or credits earned; instructor information such as degrees awarded; or institutional information such as accreditation, governing bodies, mission statement, years in existence, or cooperative agreements with other U.S. colleges or universities. The Center for Cognitive Archaeology will facilitate obtaining any information needed from UCCS to enable international evaluation of credits for its courses as needed.


Students are responsible (including the payment of associated fees) for having any materials provided by UCCS translated from English into other languages for evaluation.