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FOCUS is an online, self-guided system designed to help UCCS students and Alumni make decisions about your future career goals and education plans.

  • Learn the majors offered at UCCS* and matching occupations
  • Determine which careers best suit you
  • Decide on a major
  • Develop a career and education plan

View our Focus Handout for more information.

Student Instructions:




1. Go to


2.When logging in for the FIRST time, be sure  to click on the link for creating a new account. PLEASE write down your login information as you will need it for your Career Center appointment!

ACCESS CODE: Please contact the Career Center for the access code!

When returning to FOCUS 2 (to continue your assessment or to explore your results) just login with the username and password you created.


3. Work through at least the Career Readiness and Self-Assessment Sections to prepare for your appointment in the Career Center.  You may, of course, work through as many of the sections as you’d like.

4. You MUST save occupations and areas of study (majors) that you’re interested in or no information will appear in your portfolio

How much time does it take to use FOCUS?

  • Typically, the total time spent by students the first time they use the program ranges from 1 to 2 hours.
  • Working through the program does not have to be done in one sitting. You can log back in at any time to complete your assessment.


Be sure to make an appointment with the Career Center for interpretation!

If you run into any problems, please contact the UCCS Career Center at 719-255-3340 or