Students & Alumni

Making An Appointment

Many of the services below require an appointment. To make an appointment call us at (719) 255-3340. You may also stop by in-person to set up an appointment with the receptionist. The Career Center is located on the UCCS Campus in Cragmor Hall 101.  Career Services are offered to current UCCS students and alumni.  If not able to attend an appointment in person, contact our office for a phone appointment.


Clyde's Careers


Clyde's Careers is a web service which allows students to post their résumés, view career center events and find career/internship/volunteer opportunities. Employers are able to post jobs and sort through potential candidates through this service. It is a good idea to keep your Clyde's Careers profile up-to-date with your latest résumé and achievements.  Click on the link above to go to the login page.  Clyde's Careers also gives you access to several career tools within its program:  InterviewStream (online interview practice), GoinGlobal (program that tells you all you need to know about international employment opportunities), direct access to and and a direct connection to LinkedIn.


Career Assessments/Inventories


The Career Center offers a number of state-of-the-art tests designed to give us an accurate picture of your personality, strengths, skills, values, and natural inclinations. The tests help us pinpoint the individual career path that's perfect for you. While not foolproof, these assessments are valuable tools which can help us point you in the right direction. Be sure to book an appointment with the Career Center following any assessment for a professional interpretation of your results.


Strong Interest Inventory


The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) compares your interests to the interests of professionals in various fields to assess which careers for which you may be naturally inclined. Currently switching to an online format, contact the Career Center to learn about SII options.  A $15 fee is assessed for students/alumni and a $30 fee is assessed for non-UCCS affiliates.


Myers-Briggs Personality Test


The Myers-Briggs Personality test is possibly the most widely use personality test in the world. The pencil and paper test emphasizes the value of naturally occurring differences in people's personalities. A $20 fee is assessed for students/alumni and a $40 fee is assessed for non-UCCS affiliates.


**Focus Test


The Focus Test is a free online self-assessment for UCCS students and alumni which specializes in career and major exploration, decision making, and action planning.  Usually the first assessment we recommend due to its comprehensive nature, please contact the Career Center for access information.  A $25 fee is assessed for non-UCCS affiliates.  Contact the Career Center for access instructions.


**Strengths Quest


The Strengths Quest assessment is an online assessment whose focus is to help you discover your unique talents. A $10 fee is assessed for students/alumni and a $35 fee is assessed for non-UCCS affiliates. Contact the Career Center for access instructions.


Mock Interviews


Mock interviews are interactive practice interviews which are followed by detailed analysis. Developing your interviewing skills enables you to walk into a potential employers office with confidence and leave with the job. Mock interviews are offered for job, internship, and graduate admissions. To arrange a mock interview you must:


  1. Make a mock interview appointment with the Career Center by calling (719) 255-3340. Provide the receptionist with as much information as possible about the position for which you are applying and the organization or school. Mock Interviews are offered not only for job/internship opportunities but for graduate admissions as well.
  2. Bring a copy of your résumé with you for the Mock Interview. You may also email your information to
  3. Prepare for the mock interview as if it were the real thing! Dress professionally and arrive on time for the appointment.
  4. The Mock Interview offered through the Career Center is very interactive. Up to two hours are scheduled for the interview which allows ample time for questions and answers in addition to immediate feedback. This is the time to ask those questions you have about the process and to receive specific recommendations about the content of your answers and how to improve your responses.


Career Counseling

Career counseling is the most popular service offered by the UCCS Career Center. The appointments are free and focused around your questions. Whether you need help choosing a major or you need to understand for which jobs your major prepares you, a general Career Counseling appointment will help you through your career option questions.


Résumé Help


Your résumé is the single most important document of your career. Potential employers are notorious for spending mere seconds glancing through a résumé before moving on to the next one. Employers must be able to get your information quickly, and with little effort. Make yourself the smart choice by working with the Career Center to craft your résumé to reflect your unique achievements and qualifications. Book an appointment at the front desk or by calling 719-255-3340.


Non-Credit Internships


The Career Center works with students to set up non-credit internships for industry experience. Industry experience can sometimes be a Catch-22. Many companies will only hire experienced applicants, but applicants cannot earn experience without landing a job. An internship bridges the gap by providing students with valuable experiences before they graduate which makes landing that perfect job that much easier. Make an appointment to talk about non-credit internships with the Career Center today!


Career Events


How do you make valuable connections with employers in our region and beyond?  Begin to attend a variety of career events in your freshmen year to build up your contacts and your confidence prior to beginning the job search process.  Career Fairs, Information Sessions, Information Tables, On-Campus Interviews, Employer Panels and Networking Events are all designed to help you meet and greet prospective employers and gain skills needed to enter the work force.  Log in to Clyde's Careers for current, up-to-date information regarding events on campus.




Graduate/Professional School Help

Does your preferred career choice require a graduate degree?  Should you go to grad school directly after completing your bachelor's degree?  What is your timeline for application for professional schools?


Let us help you with these questions, with your grad school search and with your application process from start to finish.  We can help with how to search, identify and apply to the schools of your choice!