To contact the UCCS Career Center, call the receptionist at (719) 255-3340, or email Director Bev Kratzer at bkratzer@uccs.edu. The Career Center is located in Main Hall, Room 201, UCCS. As you walk into Main Hall (the large ivy covered administration building) from the main entrance, our office is the first door on the left at the top of the stairs.

Classroom Presentations

The Career Center will visit your classroom and deliver a presentation covering a variety of career-related topics. From résumé design and preparation, to current job market specifics, the Career Center will help guide your students with the most up-to-date information available.
Contact Director Bev Kratzer (bkratzer@uccs.edu) to schedule your in-class presentation.

Internship Module

The UCCS Career Center posts internships for students to view and access. If a faculty member sponsors a student for credit, the Career Center can handle the administrative process. Please Contact Director Bev Kratzer (bkratzer@uccs.edu) to learn more.


InterviewStream is a web-based service that allows students to practice their interview skills using a webcam on their computer or mobile device. Faculty can utilize this product in their courses by creating assignments for students to complete. In order to access the full features of this program, you must register/log in to Clyde's Careers. Please contact Director Bev Kratzer (bkratzer@uccs.edu) to learn more information and gain access to Clyde's Careers.