U.S. Employment Outlook

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U.S. Employment Outlook Executive Summary

May 2015

Total National Job Openings This Month: 4.4M
Month-Over-Month: 1.81%
Unique Employers Nationwide: 200K

Nationwide iob openings continue to rise
Overall U.S. job listings increased 1.81% month-over-month in May 2015. This is the fourth consecutive month of growth reported by Simply Hired. Previous month-over-month gains include 2.89% in April 2015, 1.38% in March 2015 and 2.47% in February 2015.
"Simply Hired has seen a pattern of moderate, steady gains emerge in 2015, punctuated by a substantial increase in full-time employment opportunities. This shift towards more full-time job openings signals increased confidence among employers, which should positively impact the employment marketplace."
- James Beriker, President and CEO of Simply Hired

Featured data: Full-time job growth
The increase in full-time positions has outpaced the growth of part-time, freelance and contract positions over the past year. Job postings rose 20% overall between May 2014 and May 2015 compared to an 11% increase in freelance roles and 0.12% increase in part-time positions. Contract roles declined 17% over the same period. U.S. metros with the highest percentage of full-time openings relative to other positions include Chicago, IL, Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA.

All major metros experience growth
Job openings increased in all of the top 25 largest U.S. metros in May 2015. The largest gains were seen in Los Angeles, CA (5.51%), Sacramento, CA (5.29%) and St. Louis, MO (5.18%).

Job inventory remains highest in healthcare
Approximately 1/3 of the top posting companies in May 2015 were healthcare-related, making healthcare the top posting industry. There were also a significant number of job openings at financial services and technology companies.

Metro highlight: Los Angeles, CA
Financial services, healthcare and manufacturing rank as the top 3 industries with the most job openings in the Los Angeles metro area. Employers with the greatest number of open positions include Kaiser Permanente (#1), University of Southern California (#2), St. Joseph Health (#3), Northrop Grumman (#4) and Oracle (#5).