Hire Our Students

There are two job boards on campus:

Clyde's Careers - for posting internships, volunteer opportunities, and full time jobs that require a bachelor's degree. To access, go to this link: www.uccs.edu/career and scroll down to the cartoon mountain lion (Clyde). Click on Clyde's Careers Employer link. The login page will say, “Click Here to Register.”  Enter your company's name and contact profile.  Once you are active, your profile populates every time you post.  When your contact status has been approved, you can post full time jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

SEAN’s Place - designed for undergraduate students looking for part time work while in school, and not requiring a bachelor's degree. Go to this link:  http://www.uccs.edu/~stuemp, to post such jobs there.

If you are not sure if a job fits, just call 719-255-3340 or email careers@uccs.edu. We are happy to help!