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Swim Lessons

The Campus Recreation swim lesson program serves adults and children of all ages and abilities in a one-on-one or within a small group environment. All instructors are UCCS students, certified by nationally recognized organizations to teach the fundamentals of water safety, stroke development and skill refinement. Swim lessons are either 30 or 45 minutes in length, 30 minute classes typically recommended for younger children.

Description of swim lesson levels and skill development

Foundations 1
Participant is uncomfortable in the water, and will not put his/her face in the water. Participant has not yet mastered floating, and is unable to swim independently. Recommended for children aged 5-7.

Foundations 2
Participant has a high level of comfort and confidence in and around water. Participant can perform basic skills such as floating and swimming independently, but inconsistently so. Recommended for children aged 5-7.

Level 1
Participant has more developed motor skills than participants in Foundations 1 and 2. Participant will learn how to float independently on the front and back, glide, and motion the front crawl with alternating leg and arm action.

Level 2
Completion of Level 1 required. Participant will expand upon basic skills learned in Level 1, also now incorporating breathing while swimming the front crawl 3-5 yards, learn to swim the back crawl assisted, and tread water.

Level 3
Completion of Level 2 required. This level focuses on increasing endurance and improving stroke proficiency. Participant will perform front and back glides, learn rhythmic breathing, swim the front crawl 10-15 yards and swim the back crawl 10-15 yards. This level also introduces the butterfly motion.

Level 4
Completion of Level 3 required. This level focuses on stroke improvement for the front crawl and back crawl, and introduces the breaststroke, butterfly, side stroke and open turns.

Level 5
Completion of Level 4 required. Participant will refine coordination and stroke technique for the front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, side stroke and open turns. This level also introduces flip turns and surface dives.

Level 6
Completion of Level 5 required. Participants will now swim with greater power and efficiency. Improved endurance allows for greater distances over larger lengths of time. This level introduces fitness swimming etiquette, use of equipment for water exercise, and setting up a fitness swim program.

Private swim lessons
Swim instructors at Campus Recreation use the above description of swim lessons levels to guide adults and children during 1:1 instruction. We recommend 45 minute lessons to maximize learning, while 30 minute lessons are most appropriate for children 5 and 6 depending on skill level. Campus Recreation recommends swim lessons 2-3 times per week to ensure skill development and progression. Instructors and swim lesson participants will communicate with each other days and times that best suit schedules to execute swim lessons. Please note our pool hours in the "About Us" link as the Campus Recreation pool is only open during specific time blocks weekdays and weekends.

Group swim lessons
Campus Recreation now offers group swim lessons, with a low instructor to participant ratio. Group swim lessons are offered monthly, for 6 lessons total. Participants are grouped together according to ability and skill level. Group lessons will be offered during the below days and times. 

FALL 2015

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 - 6:00pm
Saturdays from 1:00 - 3:00pm 

Swim lesson scheduling

Private swim lessons are offered based on the mutual availability of the participant and instructor. Please indicate all days of the week, weekends and time blocks the participant is available for lessons on the registration form to ensure appropriate and timely matching with an instructor. Group lessons are scheduled on a monthly basis, and will meet twice a week for a total of 6 lessons for that month. No make-up sessions will be offered if a participant is unable to make it to a lesson. In the event that Campus Recreation cancels a swim lesson, a make-up session will be offered. Please fill out the swim lesson registration form and indicate interest in group swim lessons as well as the session(s) able to attend. Please note our pool hours in the "About Us" link as the Campus Recreation pool is only open during specific time blocks weekdays and weekends.

Swim lesson cancellation 

Swim instructors employed by Campus Recreation are obligated and trained to wait for 15 minutes following the start time of the agreed upon swim lesson(s). If a swim participant is more than 15 minutes late, the participant forfeits the lesson and no make-up session(s) will be offered. In the event that Campus Recreation cancels a swim lesson or session, a make-up lesson or session will be scheduled. If a swim lesson participant provides 24 or more hours notice to the instructor that he/she is unable to honor the swim lesson time agreed upon, the lesson will be rescheduled  by the instructor. The latter also applies to a swim instructor cancelling a lesson. 

Lightning during swim lessons

Campus Recreation utilizes iSTRIKE, a location-specific and severe weather alerting system indicating lightning strikes within the university and UCCS Campus Recreation Center area. Lifeguards have access to iSTRIKE, and in the event lightning strikes, or severe weather deems pool and pool activities, has the authority to close the pool.


45-Minute Swim Lessons Student Fac/Staff/Alumni Non-Members
Private lessons each (1 instructor, 1 student) $15 $20 $20
Private lessons, 3-package $40 $50 $50
Private lessons, 10-package $120 $145 $145
Semi-private lesson each (1 instructor, 2 students) $25 $35 $35
Semi-private lessons, 3-package               $40 $50 $50
Semi-private lessons, 10-package $120 $145 $145
Group swim lessons, 6 lessons total  $50  $60  $75
30-minute Swim Lessons, ages 5 and 6      
Private lessons, 10-package       $85 $115 $115

Swim lesson registration

Please print, complete and scan or e-mail the swim lesson registration form to We look forward to serving you and your family!

For any questions or comments related to the Swim Lesson Program, please contact