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Class Descriptions

Not all class formats below are offered every semester. Please check the Group Fitness schedule for specific class formats offered.

Aqua Bootcamp

Strength and conditioning is not just a term used for land-based classes anymore. Tread water, do push-ups and squat your way through this 45-minute class offered in the pool. All ability and skill levels welcome. Water depth at most shoulder height. Class meets on the pool deck.


Looking for a high energy, strength and conditioning-based class that will push you to the next level? Bootcamp is the class format for you! This 60-minute class incorporates a variety of exercises and equipment to push participants to a new level of performance. Offered in the basketball gym and instructed by personal trainers in a non-traditional format. Previous experience in group fitness classes highly recommended.

Butts N Gutts

This choreographed cardio class targets the core and lower body muscles. Work the abdominals, obliques, lower back, hip, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves using a variety of equipment. All in 45 minutes! All ability and skill levels welcome.

Cardio Kickboxing

Kick your heart rate up a notch with this non-contact choreographed class combining moderate to high intensity combination and drills. This 60-minute class is guaranteed to increase cardiovascular fitness, endurance, strength and stamina. Previous experience in cardiovascular-based group fitness classes recommended, but not required.

Core Xpress

Looking for a time-efficient core workout? Core Xpress is a challenging 30-minute class targeting your abdominals and lower back, incorporating both body weight and a variety of equipment to introduce participants to new core exercises. All ability and skill levels welcome.

CSI (Cardio Strength Intervals)

Challenge yourself! During this 60-minute choreographed class, your instructor will have participants alternates between cardiovascular and strength based intervals combining body weight exercises and a variety of equipment like dumbbells, body bars, medicine balls, steps, BOSU® and more. All ability and skill levels welcome.

Cycle 101

Spend time with your cycle instructor so you can set up your bike properly , learn how to cycle with good form and alignment, then test ride some basic drills to introduce you to this class format. This 30-minute class will introduce you to the fundamentals of indoor cycling while improving your confidence on the bike. No cycling experience required. Class size limited to 15. All ability and skill levels welcome.


This indoor cycle class combines endurance and interval training with cadence control to improve cardiovascular fitness. Ride to exhilarating music for 45 minutes, which includes a warm-up, collection of drills, cool down and stretching. Conclude class with 15 minutes of core exercises. No cycling experience required. Class size limited to 15. All ability and skill levels welcome.

Flirty Girl Fitness®

Tone and strengthen your entire body with the fabulous cardio-dance moves of Flirty Girl Fitness. This choreographed program created by women for women targets specific muscle groups through fun, flirty, non-stop dance moves leaving you with a great full body workout. Dancing through the easy to learn Flirty Girl Foundation Movements, participants will experience the fabulous feeling of dancing while also experiencing the benefits of strength and cardiovascular exercise in this hour-long class. All abilities and skill levels welcome.


Engage in 30 minutes of high intensity training with this class, mixing interval training, power, agility, speed and a variety of advanced cardio and strength drills using just your body weight or equipment. Class instructed by personal trainers in a non-traditional format. Previous experience in group fitness classes highly recommended.


The Pilates exercise method, developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, combines smooth, flowing movements with muscle control and breathing to increase flexibility and strengthen the “powerhouse”; consisting of deep abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, glutes and muscles surrounding the hips. Leave this 45-minute class feeling invigorated! All ability and skill levels welcome.


This 60-minute choreographed cardio class incorporates creative moves on, over and around a height adjustable step platform. All ability and skill levels welcome.

Take It To The Field (T2F)

This specialized 60-minute class incorporates agility, speed, plyometrics and athletic drills utilizing the unique properties and lines of our amazing Alpine Field turf. Instructed by personal trainers. All ability and skill levels welcome. Class meets at the front entrance of the UCCS Recreation Center and leaves promptly for Alpine Field at class start time.

Total Strength

Increase muscular strength utilizing body bars, dumbbells and free weights during this 45-minute full body workout. The instructor will start class with proper posture and position, and continue to assist participants in maintaining good form throughout class. All ability and skill levels welcome.


“Vinyasa”, translated from Sanskrit, means “connection”. This form of yoga synchronizes movement and breathing, combining sun salutations, standing, core and spine-strengthening postures and concluding with svanasana to harmonize mind, body and spirit. Class length 60 minutes. All ability and skill levels welcome.


Join the party! Latin-inspired rhythms fused with easy-to-follow choreography, dance moves and intervals create the ultimate 60-minute full body workout. Zumba® is one of the most, if not the most successful dance formats in the world, and is here to stay. Just dance! Dance! Dance! Instructors are all Zumba® certified. All abilities and skill levels welcome.

Group Fitness Pass

Students $20
Faculty/Staff $25
Alumni $25
Non-Members $35

Become an Instructor

Are you a UCCS student who enjoys attending Group Fitness classes regularly, and often wonder if you have what it takes to instruct a class yourself? The answer is yes! The Fitness program offers multi-week training programs to prepare students for employment as group fitness instructors, cycle instructors and personal trainers at Campus Recreation. For more information, visit provide link to the web page or contact us at

For any questions or comments related to the Group Fitness program, please contact