University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Dining & Hospitality Services

The vision of UCCS Dining and Hospitality Services is to be a recognized leader in service delivery and food sustainability. DHS will cultivate and nurture a healthy campus culture where access to wholesome, seasonal, and local food directly links to wellness, sense of place, and environmental protection. Aligning Dining and Hospitality Services with campus sustainability efforts allows for the integration of academic programs and community action, thereby providing students invaluable experiential learning opportunities. This includes preparing and serving healthy, flavorful, sustainable, and nutritious food produced through fiscally responsible and mindful practices that nourish and support our community.

UCCS Dining and Hospitality Services works closely with the UCCS Office of Sustainability to make sure that food is healthfully prepared, features organic and locally produced food, serves to educate the campus community about sustainable food choices, and produces minimal food and paper waste.

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