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The final Spring 2017 Café Scientifique will feature G. Carole Woodall, PhD.  Dr. Woodall is an Associate Professor at UCCS in the Dept. of History / W.E.S.T. Program.

 Title: "Lesson from Turkey"  

 Abstract: Simultaneously a member of NATO and the Organization of Islamic States, Turkey has always been difficult to conceptualize. Samuel Huntington described it as "a torn country," divided between East and West and by Barack Obama as "a Muslim Model for the Middle East." It boasts a vibrant LGBTI community, world-class cinema, a thriving music scene, and a Nobel Prize-winning novelist. At the same time, its ruling party-Justice and Development Party (AKP)-, rooted in political Islam, is becoming more authoritarian - press censorship, social media black outs, purge of academics, journalists, and students - even as it clings to democratic institutions. It is home to millions of Syrian refugees and continues to struggle with a restive Kurdish minority.  Turkey is, without question, one of the most important countries in the region, but it isn't an easy one to sum up. Join us for a discussion on the current ! political climate in Turkey that not so surprisingly provides a lens to examine the current climate in the U.S.


Where:  Clyde's

 When: Tuesday, April, 11 -- 6:30 to 7:30 pm

 Parking -- COMPLIMENTARY PARKING PROVIDED BY UCCS PARKING SERVICES for the April 11th event from 5:00-9:00 p.m. in any regular parking space in parking lot 222 located south of Centennial Hall. Note that all other parking restrictions (handicapped parking, loading zones, fire lanes) apply. 

Funding for the Colorado Springs Café Scientifique is provided by the UCCS Administration and Finance Team.