Previous Cafés Scientifique

/// 2017

  • February - Dave Gardner, Filmmaker/Sustainability Advocate - "The Most Important Research Ever Ignored"

/// 2016

  • November- Ellen Wohl, Professor- "Messy Rivers are Healthy Rivers:  The Role of Physical Complexity in Sustaining Ecosystem Processes"
  • September- Jeff Lukas, Associate Scientist- "The whole mountainside is gone":  Front Range flood risk in the past, present, and future"
  • February- Professor Bruce Jakosky- "Exploring the Life and Climate of Mars with the MAVEN Mission"
  • April- Professor/Dr. Tae Chong- "Innovations in Plastic Surgery-Problem Solving Specialty"

/// 2015

  • November- Professor David Westmoreland- "Teaching Science in a Social Minefield"
  • February- Provost and Professor Mary Coussons-Read "The Psychoneuroimmunology of Pregnancy: Implications for Birth and Human Development"
  • April- Professor David Havlick "From Death Strip to Green Belt: Landscapes of Change along the Iron Curtain"
  • September- Professor David Kraus "Gravity's influence on the spectrum of life - from humans to bacteria"

/// 2014

  • November- Professor JJ Cohen, M.D. "The CU Mini-Med School- a new MOOC"
  • February - Professor Brandon Vogt, "Colorado's lightning climatology and things you don't want to know about the Region."
  • April- Professor Rebecca Laroche, "Women, Medicine, and Robert Boyle: The Undiscovered Chemical Heritage."
  • September- Professor Jim White, "Climate Change, Sustainability and You." 

/// 2013

  • November - Professor Rebecca Flowers, "Thermochronology evidence for an ancient (~70 Ma) Grand Canyon."
  • September - Dr. Jessica Metcalf, The Journey of Colorado's Cutthroat Trout."
  • April - Mary Ann Cutter, Raphael Sassower, Jeff Scholes  Science and Religion: Friends or Enemies
  • February- Paty Romero-Lankao Thinking "Urban Futures" in a Changing Climate

/// 2012

  • November- Tom Wynn and Fred Coolidge The Stone Age Invention of Time
  • September- Leigh Perreault Type 2 Diabetes- Obesity or Environment
  • April- Chip Benight How the Internet Can Save your A__!!
  • February- Connie Price  Super Bugs vs Super Drugs: the Ongoing Arms Race Between Bacteria and Humans

/// 2011

  • November- Jerry Phillips Such a Headache - Is It my Cell Phone (or Just from Worrying About It)?
  •  September- Michael Shull The First Galaxies in the Universe
  • April- Jaelyn Eberle Climate Changes as Seen in the Tundra
  • February- Janel Owens Toxins in our Food

/// 2010

  • November 9 - Dr. Adit Ginde, School of Medicine, UCD
    Vitamin D: Hyped Up or Home Run for Health?

/// 2008

  • April 15 - Dr. Rebecca Laroche, English, UCCS
    Help in their Own Fields and Gardens: Early Modern Women's Ownership of English Herbals
  • March 18 - Dr. Michael Larson, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UCCS
    Development of a Medical Device for Laser Tissue Fusion: an Example of Invention at the MIND Studios
  • February 19 - Dr. Jeff Broker, Biology, UCCS
    Get a Grip: Measuring Grip Pressures and Forces in Golf to Understand Club Control
  • January 15 - Dr. Andy Subudhi, Biology, UCCS
    Factors Limiting Exercise at Altitude - Is it all in your Head?

/// 2007

  • November 20 - Dr. Chip Benight, Psychology, UCCS
    The Shattered Self. Is our Humanity our Own Worst Enemy?
  • October 16 - Dr. Jim Burkhart, Physics, UCCS
    Clouds, Alpha Particles and You: How a Simple Cloud Chamber is Changing Lives
  • August 21 - Dr. John Cohen & Helen Macfarlane, UCHSC
    Art in Science - Science in Art
  • April 24 - Dr. Christi Kasa-Hendrickson, Special Education, UCCS
    Who May be Literate?: Disability & the Resistance to the Cultural Denial of Competence
  • March 20 - Dr. John Harner, Geography & Environmental Studies, UCCS
    Globalizing Guadalajara: Creating Consumers in Urban Mexico
  • February 20 - Dr. Tom Pyszczynski, Psychology, UCCS
    Terror Management Theory and Terrorism: From Experimental Existential Psychology to Working on the Problem of Terrorism

/// 2006

  • November 21 - Dr. Radha Pyati, Chemistry, UCCS
    Street Chemistry in New Orleans
  • October 17 - Dr. Bob Camley, Physics, UCCS
    Can Scientists Be Trusted?
  • September 19 - Dr. David Schmidt, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UCCS
    Near Space - Where, Why, and What's Feasible? An Engineering Assessment
  • August 15 - Dr. Gene Abrams, Mathematics, UCCS
    Produced by Beautiful Minds? Mathematics Research: What it is, What's the Next Big Thing, and Why Should You Care?
  • April 18 - Dr. Livia Gilstrap, Psychology, UCCS
    Child Witnesses: Basic Developmental Science Meets the Courtroom
  • February 21 - Dr. Ruth Van Dyke, Anthropology, CC
    Landscape, Ideology, and the Construction of Chacoan Society
  • January 17 - Dr. Minette Church, Anthropology, UCCS
    No Pyramids Here: Archaeology of A 19th Century Maya Village In Belize, Central America

/// 2005

  • March 15 - Dr. Edie Green, Psychology, UCCS
    The Science (or is it Art) of Choosing a Jury
  • January 18 - Dr. Val Veirs, Physics, CC
    Volcalizations of Killer Whales - No Thumb, Little Vision, Big Brain, Lots of Talking: What Could it Mean?

/// 2004

  • November 16 - General (Ret) Donald Kutyna, USAF
    The Genius and the General
  • September 21 - Dr. Jim Mattoon, Biology, UCCS & Alan Stiles, Brewmaster, Palmer Lake Brewing Co.
    Fermenting Ideas
  • August 17 - Dr. Karen Newell, Biology, UCCS
    Parallels between Alice in Wonderland and Paradigms in Immunology
  • July 20 - Dr. Jackie Berning, Biology, UCCS
    Diet Du Jour - What is this Month's Fad Diet?
  • May 18 - Sam Milazzo, Physics, UCCS
    If the Moon, Why not Mars?
  • April 20 - Dr. Tom Wynn, Anthropology & Dr. Fred Coolidge, Psychology, UCCS
    A New Solution to the Disappearance of Neanderthals
  • March 16 - Dr. J.J. Cohen, Department of Immunology, UCHSC
    Immunization - Why do we still bother? Aren't all those diseases gone? Isn't immunization harmful?