UCCS Mini-MBA Info Session & Open House

UCCS Mini-MBA Info-Session & Open House

The UCCS College of Business is proud to offer the UCCS Mini-MBA, starting September 2019.  This professional development program is a 13-week opportunity for working or transitioning professionals who aspire to deliver more value within their career by developing business acumen and immediately applying newly gained knowledge and skills.

The program has been designed to elevate the careers of high performers. 

To learn more about the UCCS Mini-MBA, the UCCS College of Business, Office of Professional & Executive Development (OPED) invites you to attend the following FREE event:


UCCS Mini-MBA Info Session & Open House
 Wednesday, August 7, 2019
4:30 - 6:00 pm
UCCS Campus

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Who Should Attend the Info-Session?

UCCS Mini-MBA is intended for individuals who aspire to build a strong foundation in business skills in order to deliver more value within their career.  The program is for individuals who do not necessarily have a business background.  The UCCS Mini-MBA is recommended for those who are building their professional pathway and/or transitioning into a different career.  

Additionally, those who are considering a graduate business degree (MBA) in the future would benefit from the program.

Recommended participants include:

  • Manager / Supervisor
  • Director
  • Business Owner 
  • Professional with a non-business degree (i.e. lawyer, physician, nurse, teacher, dentist)
  • Business Development
  • Sales Professional 
  • Account Manager 
  • Military and/or veteran transitioning into a civilian career
  • Next generation taking over a family-owned business
  • Individuals considering a graduate degree and who desire an overview of business fundamentals  
Capstone Project, 75K in 75 Days

Participants of the UCCS Mini-MBA will individually complete the program capstone project, $75K in 75 Days.  The project involves choosing and implementing a business strategy that will have a direct business impact of $75,000 within an organization in a 75 day time frame.  Program staff and faculty mentor participants through the project, ensuring successful outcomes.  The project allows participants to implement newly acquired business concepts and skills, resulting in a business impact of at least $75,000.  Participants will have 75 days from the last program session to implement the capstone project within their organization.

Organizations who nominate participants to the UCCS Mini-MBA will have capstone projects implemented for their respective organizations, thus quickly realizing the ROI of their investment to the program.  

A final program event will take place after the 75 day time frame, where each participant will deliver a short briefing on their project and resulting impact.  Referring organizations will be invited to the final event, along with key stakeholders from the university and community.  Participants will be recognized for successfully completing the program and project, and will be given a Certificate of Completion, signed by the dean of the College of Business and the program $75K Gold Award.

** Note: If a participant is currently in transition of careers, they will choose a local for-profit or non-profit business for the capstone project, in consultation with Program Staff and Faculty.   

Mini-MBA Participant Eligibility Requirements

  1. Some College

    Some college completed and/or equivalent professional training (i.e. technical, clinical, and/or military training). 

  2. Work Experience

    Working experience is required- minimum of 3 years experience. 

  3. Bachelor's Degree

    Having a bachelor's degree is preferred for Mini-MBA participants however, it is not required. 

  4. Manager

    You must have some record of supervisory and/or managerial responsibilities within your organization. 

  5. Aspirations

    You must aspire to go further than your peer and aspire to further build your career. 

Perks for Mini-MBA Graduates

Perks for Mini-MBA Graduates -- UCCS MBA Program GMAT/GRE Waiver

If a program participant decides to continue their education and applies to the UCCS MBA program within 5 years of successfully completing the UCCS Mini-MBA, the College of Business will waive the GRE/GMAT requirement. 

(The UCCS Graduate Programs office normally charges a $100 waiver fee, which will also be waived.)

** Note: Eligible participants must meet other enrollment and acceptance criteria established by the UCCS College of Business, Graduate Programs.