Richard Warmbir - Finance Major

Richard Warmbir - Finance Major

Lee is a junior in the Bachelor of Innovation program in the College of Business. He is the president of the Entrepreneurship Club, works on a startup company in "The Garage," and loves to stay active and involved in the Colorado Springs community.

Why did you choose UCCS? 

I got out of the Army (medical release) before expected and my family had just moved to Colorado Springs. I knew I wanted to go to school and didn’t want to wait 6 months to hear back from other schools so after I applied and got accepted less than a week later, UCCS was my choice.

Why did you choose to study Finance?

I have always had a passion for numbers and money. I found the markets interesting and I was drawn to the complexity and mystique the industry has. I knew I wanted to be a part of it and pursue a Wall Street career, so Finance was my first choice.

What is your favorite part about studying in the College of Business?

I really like a couple of the professors. They are extremely knowledgeable and have real experience at a very high level and communicate that well in the class. They are efficient at tying the real world and academics together.

Have you done any internships? Are you currently working? (If so, how did you get the position? What did your internship entail? What did you learn?)

I interned with IPS strategic capital over the summer. I am not currently working, but I am in the interview process with a couple banks.

What are your career aspirations?

I want to be an investment banker that specializes in derivatives on Wall Street.

How is UCCS helping to make those aspirations a reality?

Connections and guidance from professors to help show me the path and make me the best candidate I can be.

What do you love about Colorado Springs?

It is great for outdoors activities. It is almost always sunny and beautiful.

What would you tell someone who is considering UCCS for college?

UCCS is a great school. As for the college of business: there is no better place on campus to meet great people and be taught by experienced professionals that know what they are talking about and have a genuine passion for teaching and their craft.