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The UCCS College of Business provides high-level, non-degree programs through the Office of Professional & Executive  Development (OPED).  Programs are led by a mix of UCCS College of Business faculty and industry experts.  OPED offers two options for training:  Open Enrollment programs for individuals and Custom Programs for businesses and organizations.  Typical training programs are between two to five days in length in order to provide big impact without a large demand for time.  

We invite you to click on the images above to learn more about Open Enrollment and Custom Programs to find the best fit for you and your organization.

Open Enrollment Programs

  • September 11, 2018UCCS Mini-MBA
    UCCS Mini-MBAThe UCCS Mini-MBA offers professionals the opportunity to learn broad business concepts and skills in a relatively short timeframe -- perfect for gaining business essentials while balancing work and personal commitments.
  • Trade Wars and Business – How International Disputes Affect Local BusinessesTrade wars, tariffs, trade agreements and non-agreements have been prominent issues, especially in the past two years. How will these seemingly far-away, global, national type of questions impact business decisions here in Colorado Springs? This event is a part of the new Business Breakfast Series @UCCS.
  • 3 Keys to Effective Communication Across GenerationsFree webinar that covers effective communication strategies across generations.
  • Multi-Generational Professional Seminar Series The non-degree, 4-track seminar series offers strategies and tools for working and communicating with multiple generations, including attracting and retaining both employees and customers --- with a special focus on Gen Z and the Millennial generation.
  • Emerging Generation Z in the Workplace: What Businesses Need to KnowThis 3-session track explains the commonalities and differences between our newest generation entering the workforce, Generation Z, and the current workforce generations. This newest workforce generation is just now entering the workforce and is currently the least understood. However, new research and data are emerging for this generation and our seminar track will focus on employer education and strategies as you integrate Gen Z into your team.
  • Emerging Leadership DevelopmentBringing out the Best in People, Teams and Organizations.
  • Capturing Federal Business and Pricing-To-WinOPED has partnered with respected industry leader Shipley Associates to offer this 4-day interactive professional development program in Colorado Springs, Colorado to teach professionals a proven capture process using tools and disciplines to develop winning strategies and implementation of those strategies through your capture teams.
  • Attracting, Motivating & Retaining a Millennial WorkforceThis 3-session track explains the commonalities and differences between our now largest workforce generation and the current workforce generations. Organizations have heavily invested time and money in Millennial employees, only to see them leave soon after. This track will focus on understanding Millennial loyalty, what really motivates your Millennial workforce, and how to invest in them.
  • Communication & Engagement Strategies Across GenerationsMany organizations have workforces that encompass four, even five, separate workplace generations. Finding the balance to obtain successful results from a multi-generational team can be challenging. This three-part track will focus on communication strategies for each generation, and how to effectively communicate across all the generations in your workplace.
  • Managing & Writing Federal ProposalsThis four-day program is for anyone who is involved with or participates in federal government proposal efforts. Target participants include: proposal teams, proposal contributors, proposal writers, proposal managers, business developers, proposal coordinators, finance and contracts personnel, directors and supervisors.
  • 10 Ways to Thrive as a Millennial in the WorkplaceIt can be challenging to thrive in a workplace environment where you are one of the few in the Millennial generation. This three-part track is for employees and business leaders who are in the Millennial generation and may feel underrepresented, or 'outnumbered' in their workplace, and strategies for how to thrive in your career and work environment.

About Custom Programs

A custom program is professional development training designed for executives and employees within a single organization.  OPED staff and faculty partner with organizations to co-design, develop and deliver programs tailored to meet your specific business priorities and goals.

Custom programs are designed and delivered to a specific audience within a single organization, keeping discussions and outcomes confidential to selected participants in training sessions.  Open enrollment programs are industry-specific public training programs with attendees from different organizations. 

Custom programs provide the opportunity to develop and train your executives and professionals in a private setting.  OPED works with you to customize topics, content and materials to specifically meet your needs.  Your organization selects participants, timing of delivery and preferred location.

OPED faculty and staff work with you to co-design training programs based on your business goals and priorities.  To meet these goals, OPED can design unique offerings in both functional and cross-functional areas of business.  For a listing of areas and topics, please see the Custom Programs page.


Your organization will have access to top UCCS College of Business faculty and customized program content.  OPED's internationally recognized faculty use both research-based knowledge and industry experience in order to create highly applicable learning experiences.

OPED custom programs can be held at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus in Colorado, on-site at your organization, or at a location/venue of your choice.  

Since OPED custom programs are tailored for your organization and are not "canned" programs, pricing depends on length of time, location, and number of participants.

To learn more about custom programs, contact OPED director Shawna Rogers to schedule a time to discuss your specific needs, the custom program process, and how OPED can provide value to your organization through customized training.  Contact Us/Request Info

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