A lifelong learner, Brad Cooper lives by the mantra “better than yesterday,” both in his own life and in his quest to improve the lives of countless individuals worldwide.
Mon, 02/18/2019
The Great Recession (2007-2009) generated net operating losses for many individual taxpayers with trade or business income/losses. This article provides detailed explanations of the complex net operating loss (NOL) rules and regulations and illustrations of how they work.
Lifelong learning and self-improvement are goals to be celebrated and I hope the College of Business can be a resource as you commit to these resolutions.
Fri, 01/25/2019
UCCS College of Business is making it easier for business professionals to access the courses that can benefit them, their companies and the community by establishing a new location in downtown Colorado Springs.
“Leadership is built on more than just believing in yourself. It’s about lifting others up and creating a multiplier effect in the process.”  
Thu, 12/20/2018